Sunday, January 11, 2009

Caught in the Act by Thor

You can read the full story here. I listen to "Wait, Wait don't tell me" on NPR quite frequently. The other day they were talking about this story. My wife and I were absolutely brought to tears of laughter. Peter Sagal, the host of WWDTM, described the event as "...The single most gratifying experience" in the entire history of histories of mankind.

The strangeness of this story is what makes it wonderful, if not peculiar. I can perfectly visualize it in my head. A drunken burglar and an apparent Norse god. The man probably won't ever recover. I just thought that I'd post this wonderful bit o' news for everyone to enjoy.

Have fun, folks, and eat some licorice while you're at it.


marky said...

Ha! That's Scotland for ya. Try and Bomb our airport and we'll beat you up. Try and rob our house, and we'll chase you down to the tune of Kiss's God of Thunder and erm, beat you up.

Edinburgh is particularly weird; it has a strange mix of very rich and very poor people. The Leith area is pretty dodgy (full of junkies), but all and all it's a very old and interesting city. I recommend it if you haven't been, just bring warm clothes, and pepper spray.

Sailor Matt said...

So, I was in a curious mood the other day and decided to tune into NPR, because my buddy is constantly insisting that I should check it out. Anyway, I jumped into the middle of a program called "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me," and I end up erupting with laughter over the story of a robber and his encounter with the Norse god Thor.

Funny enough, I decide to check out your blog today and wouldn't you know it, that story from that broadcast is exactly what you've written about. Existence is a mesh of curious connections, my friend.

logankstewart said...

Marky: How I long to see your Scottish hills and green country. I must work on my "English", though.

Sailor Matt: You should definitely podcast "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" and you won't regret it. Like your friend, I, too, am an avid NPR listener and I talk about it all the time.