Monday, January 19, 2009

Mighty Muggs: A Defense of Darth Maul

This is my new tv stand decor item. Mighty Muggs is a toy type from the Hasbro company. It is made from "100% recycled awesome", though I am unsure what that means. Nevertheless, I thought this particular MM figure was pretty cool for three good reasons.

(1) Darth Maul has always been awesome in the STAR WARS universe. His appearance as the Phantom Menace from Episode I was brilliant, and his use of the double-blade light saber phenomenal. The body tattoos and art was reminiscent of Mephistopheles, except way cooler and the ability to manipulate the Force. In addition to this, his few lines provided some insight to his interpretation of the Force, and his beliefs to bring down the Jedi were very clear.

(2) Several of my friends call me Darth. It is one of my many nicknames. One reason for this is that many of them know that I love STAR WARS and so they call me that. Furthermore, I created an alternate identity on Facebook as Darth Logeon.

(3) Darth Maul is so cool that my senior year of high school I woke up a few hours early on Halloween so my brother could paint my face in the style of Darth Maul. Since my brother is an artist and he is a STAR WARS fan, the end product looked very, very cool. Sadly, back then I did not appreciate pictures and so I have no pictures to provide as substantiating evidence.

There you have it. A defense on why Darth Maul is absolutely one of the coolest villains ever created. One other thing I failed to mention. When I bought my MM figure I just couldn't help myself to one other STAR WARS purchase: a bobble head Boba Fett.


Sarah Vincent! said...

My boyfriend, Derek, collects those too. He actually wants Darth Maul but 1. he's hard to find in stores and 2. he is expensive online.

We're always going to the toys in Wal-Mart to look...but it is fun!

logankstewart said...

Thanks for commenting, Sarah. The collecting is indeed a fun part o' the process. Good luck with finding all that you look for.