Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Catching Up (Part 2)

Well, when I started the "catching up" series, I intended to finish it the next day. Unfortunately, things got hectic and I didn't get to finish the catching up bit. And, after re-reading the last post, I realize that its brevity pretty much sums everything up.

Life's been very busy.

And still, it's busy. But there have been some pretty cool things to happen for me. For instance, our new home comes with all appliances except for the washer and dryer. As providence would have it, one of my friends called me up the other day and we were discussing things, and he happened to have an extra washer and dryer that I could have. Also, we need to buy a mower for the lawn, and my mother-in-law's boyfriend just happened to be a channel for getting a new mower absolutely free of charge. This frees up funds to put into something else, possibly paying on student loans or something.

And then there's work. My job is to design culverts, channels, and such systems, but this is all mostly new for me professionally speaking. So, I've been learning by doing and reading design manuals.

A few more points to make:

1. Wasn't the finale of LOST tremendous?
2. If you've not read the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, I highly recommend it. So much so that, once I finish the series (I'm on the concluding volume) I intend to put a plug in here.
3. Heath bars are good, eh?

It's time for church. Farewell now. And I promise, once things settle down, I'll be back regularly. Thanks!


Sailor Matt said...

1. The LOST finally WAS incredible! Wow!

2. Consider the series added to my list.

3. Never had a Heath bar... wouldn't know. Toffee or something, right?

logankstewart said...

Yep. Milk chocolate + toffee. Typically I'm a dark chocolate fan, but this combo is too good to pass up.

marky said...
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marky said...

It's great you got some freebies dude. When I moved into my flat the girl who was there before left me a couch that was made up of loads of bits of wood hammered together, and a cooker that was 100 years old and caked in grease.

I will take you up on your mistborn recommendation. I'm half way through game of thrones at the moment and I love it. Thanks for the heads up.

Keep on keeping on, and remember, don’t wake the dragon!

Captain Joe said...

Marky, dude, I'm working my way through Game of Thrones as we speak! Good, no?

Sanderson is the bloke finishing Wheel of Time - best man for the job in my humble opinion.

Lost finale was very cliffhanger-y. But then the next season is the last! How will it end, I wonder?

logankstewart said...

Gentlemen, I'm sure you'll love GRRM's world he's made with A Game of Thrones. Alas, you'll be ensnared and forced to wait with the rest of the world for the series to end...