Saturday, July 04, 2009

Chimes of Freedom

It's Independence Day here in America. The day we celebrate our freedom from the Crown. The day we honor our country. The day we thank God for the freedoms we have here in the States, to worship as we please, to speak as we see fit, to carry guns, to drive on an adequate infrastructure system, to live peaceably with our fellow man, regardless of age, sex, creed, ideas, or orientation. It's America's birthday, and whatever your viewpoints are, whether you're hardcore LEFT or extreme RIGHT, come together and appreciate our country. Thank God that we don't live in a war torn third world. Thank God that we're not oppressed by an Inquisition.

And, when you've done that, eat some BBQ or something. Keisha and myself are celebrating our Independence Day with the all American Japanese cuisine from the local Little Tokyo.

+ American songs?

Woody Guthrie's classic by none other than the Boss

Bobby D's nice bit about freedom

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marky said...

The Boss! I get to see the man again at Hampden this month! He owned Glastonbury last Saturday, they absolutely loved him.

Have a fantastic Independence Day! Enjoy your Japanese.