Wednesday, July 22, 2009


july grows bleak
as rain falls in sheets
and puddles form at feet
of walking strangers.

there's no pattern to it,
just a chaos theory of water
and chaos on the roads
of passing drivers.

it's days like today that the eyes want to stay shut.
to crawl back into bed with two warm bodies and put arms around them,
snuggling, cuddling, scratching, licking, and sleeping.

instead i see the thick, dense falling of rain
and wonder if it causes much pain
to the homeless man who lives near Bermuda Lane
all by himself.

we're all just falling drops of water,
together with millions and billions of other drops,
headed to the ground below, where we puddle together,
wishing we could cuddle together,
and run-off the streets before we ever truly meet one another.


Krista said...

Love it! Really cool! I love the rain myself, and your right it really does make you want to snuggle up into your covers and stay in bed all day (with a good book, in my humble opinion...LOL!)!But, then, I do see the dark side of rain as well and I just hope those homeless find themselves a nice shelter to share with others to keep safe, dry, and warm.

Great poem, and I really enjoyed it! I love to write and read poetry myself, and I find it to be quite soothing at times.

logankstewart said...

Thanks Krista. And I'm glad you enjoyed HBP. Poetry is just another way to express voice and opinion, and sometimes it just seems the best medium to do so.