Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

A few things that I'm not thankful for.

1.0 The fact that there are millions of starving and helpless people out there
1.1 The fact that I don't do much to offset that problem

There are so many things that I actually am thankful for that I could not begin to sum it up in a list. I have been so blessed and fortunate in my life and I thank the Lord God Almighty for His blessings. A few things that I am thankful for, in no order at all...

1.0 Salvation
2.0 Turkey, dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, ham, orange juice cake, sweet tea, and coffee.
3.0 Music
5.0 A church that I enjoy
6.0 A Sunday School class that we actually fit in with
7.0 Friends and family
8.0 Books
9.0 Doritos

So that's it. It's a holiday that we're spending today with Keisha's family. My family's gathering will be this Saturday. I have to work tomorrow. Core dump.

Be thankful for what you have, folks, whether it's a lot or a little. There's always people better off and worse off. That's it. Nothing more for today. Farewell.


Krista said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Great list :)

marky said...

Enjoy your holidays, dude. Do you guys exchange gifts and such on Thanksgiving?

I've just noticed your Joe Purdy article. Did I tell you I got all his albums? Loving his work. I'm off to read it. Have a nice one.

logankstewart said...

@Krista: Thank you, and you too.

@Marky: No gift exchanging on Thanksgiving, just a smörgåsbord of all-you-can-eat goodness. I'm glad you like Joe's work. All ten albums are perfect. Oh, you should check out my 25 Best Albums quest I did a few months back. It's here.

Crystal said...

I have to work the day after thanksgiving (today) too!

Enjoy the time with your family!

marky said...

I suppose it would be a nightmare trying to buy gifts with crimbo so close. Everybody would end up with socks or something!

Ahhh, a bit of the Boss, a snippet of Radiohead, a dash of Zep, a soupcon of Bob Dylan, and an avalanche of Joe Purdy. You have stellar taste in tunes. Your ipod is blessed.

logankstewart said...

@Crystal: I'm bored to death. There's only one other person in the office other than me, and they're downstairs. So I'm playing my music loud and without headphones...

@Marky: Indeed, my ipod is blessed. If I only had a bigger one it'd be even more blessed.