Friday, December 11, 2009

A Day in the Life + Answers to Questions

7:02am—Hit snooze one time.  (I don’t believe in setting my alarm on values divisible by five.)  Roll over.  Get attacked by warm, puppy kisses.

7:11am—Get up out of bed, throw water on face, brush teeth, get dressed.

7:25am—Take Stella out, flip coffee pot on, and sometimes read from my Bible or a devotion, and sometimes make oatmeal or cereal.  (I don’t often eat breakfast.)

7:45am—Leave for work.

8:00am—Arrive at the MLC, start up computer, wait, check email, Google Reader updates, CNN headlines, and any other personal business.

9:45am—Coffee break to the Table of Knowledge, work on USA Today crossword puzzle.

10:00am-10:15am—Return to desk and continue working on project(s).

Noon—Lunch time, drive home, cook Ramen noodles or sandwich or leftovers, take Stella out, talk to Keisha if she’s home or read if she’s not, drive back to work.

1:00pm—Arrive at the MLC, check Fark, continue on project(s).

2:45pm—Coffee break to the Table of Knowledge, finish USA Today crossword; if already finished, work on LA Times crossword, other USA Today puzzles, or read through newspaper.

3:00pm-3:15pm—Return to desk and continue working on project(s).

5:00pm—Leave work, drive home, take Stella out; if Keisha’s home, we talk or watch TV or something; if not home, I play an instrument, play with Stella, play Xbox, read, or watch television.

10:00pm—Take Stella out; head upstairs for bed, floss, brush teeth, mouth wash; drop temperature down to a comfortable cool, flip on fan and flowing-water-noise-making-thing, put on chap stick, lay down, get assaulted by Stella’s fierce love, and read.

11:00pm—Lights out, book down, try to sleep.


That’s it.  Usually repetitive.  Depending on the day, the evening is substituted with a favorite television show, music practice with Alex, or heading out to shop or something with Keisha.  Thankfully, Keisha’s semester’s finally over, so we’ll get to spend more time together now.  Weekend’s are too unpredictable to pattern.  Now for some answers to some of life’s common questions.  And by common, I mean I’ve only been asked these questions once or never.  I’ll keep the askers anonymous.  You know who you are and aren’t.

How did the homeless thing go?  We had a good time last night, seeking out and trying to help people.  Unfortunately, we did not see a single person that was in need.  In fact, we met only one person, who was running with earbuds in, and he barely acknowledged our greeting.  I’m guessing because it was very cold (wind chill around 12 deg. or something I think) everybody was trying to stay warm.  We walked for around two hours, talking about various things, mostly talking about Jesus, and got in some good exercise.  We’ve not given up, though.  We’ve still got backpacks to give out and we fully intend to give them out.  We’re going to try various times and days, and eventually the Lord will provide.  We came away with more ideas of how we can impact our community, our fellowship grew closer together (I’ve only known Alex for five or six months and already consider him one of my truest and best friends), and we decided that if God provided everything on the first try then there would be no faith involved and everyone would have it easy.  We’ll be hitting the streets again.

What is the Star Wars thing?  Can you link to a site about it?  Are you going to dress up as something from the films?  Star Wars Celebration is an official Star Wars convention, kind of like ComiCon or DragonCon, but strictly Star Wars.  The official Star Wars Celebration V website is available here.  You can also read a bit more overall info, including info from past Celebrations, here or here.  Like any conference, loyal fans dress up as something, and Celebration is no different.  The costumes are amazing and well thought out.  Of course, if I were to go then I would likely dress up.  I have no shame.  I love the franchise.

What do you think about the cliché “better the left sock go missing than the right foot fall off”?  Uh, well, I think that there should be a better cliché.  What does that even mean?  Count your blessings? 

What are you doing tomorrow?  Criss-cross apple sauce, man!  I, along with my Sunday School class, am spending the day at a local homeless shelter, giving away tons of clothing, toys, and food.  If we run out, I think we’re going to get a list and write down what people would like to have, then possibly go buy some stuff and return.  I don’t know.  I’m sure I’ll probably eat at some point, too, and I’ll probably do a bit of other stuff.  I’ve done said that the weekends are too unpredictable.

Why do my feet stink?  It’s not just your feet, friend.

Will I ever find true love and happiness?  Yes.  No.  Maybe?  I don’t know.  Can you repeat the question?

Consider the Greco-Roman civilization, the medieval Anglo-Saxon civilization, the imperial Japanese civilization, and the modern day American civilization.  In a detailed list, citing primary and secondary sources, compare the electric motor scooter’s impact on each society.  Wait, what?  That’s not even a question.  That’s a command.  This ain’t a command session.

Did you see that picture of that 35-year-old parrot that doesn’t have any feathers?  Why yes, yes I did.  I saw it right here in fact.  It’s rather freaky, wouldn’t you say?

What was your favorite subject in high school?  Interesting.  I really have always been a math nerd since I was a wee lad, so probably AP Calculus.  Of course, I’ve always tried to dabble in art, and I took art classes all the way up to AP Art, too, which was a very fun class, but probably not my favorite for the whole “learning” thing.

Do you have more trouble with apostrophes or commas?  That is too hard to answer.  I want to throw commas around like they’ll solve all my problems, yet I’m sure I break the laws of grammar quite a bit.  As for apostrophes, they throw me for a loop from time to time, but probably not as much as commas.

That’s it for today folks, friends, fiends, and foes.  Remember, you can submit your very own questions in a comment, via email, in person, via Google Wave (if you want an invite I’ve got plenty to give out), or to my personal assistant, Renaldo Gustav Bolivia Montang.  Until next time, try not to write something as forced as this felt and try to watch a little Arrested Development.

The End.


Crystal said...

Wow! Everything I wanted to know about Logan, but never thought to ask...

Um, yes, the parrot is rather freaky.

Make sure you get your personal assistant, Renaldo Gustav Bolivia Montang something nice for Christmas. I'm sure he works very hard fielding all the questions sent to you.

That's awesome that your Sunday School class volunteers at a shelter. I don't have any Christmas plans, so I'm thinking about doing something similar on Christmas, instead of moping around the house.

logankstewart said...

Yep. It's unreal how many questions like this I never get asked, so I thought that I'd take some time to address them. (Actually, I had a short blog series about weird questions early on in my blog and decided to play some with that, in addition to answering real questions, too.)

I hope to get more involved with the shelter, or at least with the community and helping out. I find it very rewarding by helping and blessing others.

Krista said...

Fun Logan 101 post! lol! Great stuff. I love commas!! The more the merrier! lol :D

So hows Warbreaker coming along for you?

logankstewart said...

Krista: I, too, love the use of the comma. Warbreaker's awesome so far. I haven't had time to put up my thoughts this weekend, but I'll put a few things here if you're cool with that.

Spoilers below

1. I'm close to page 300 (it's been a really busy week) and I've finally learned a bit more about the God King. The fact that he doesn't have a tongue was a shocker, and the fact that he's seemingly intrigued/scared by Siri is fascinating. I really am liking this part of the story.

2. Vivenna and the mercs are still interesting, too. I like learning about the T'Telir culture as Vivenna learns, and she also learns a bit about the Breath thing, too. They've just finished meeting a bunch of people in various restaurants.

3. Lightsong still is my least favorite character. He's not as bland and uncaring as he first was, but he's too apathetic and whiny for my liking. Thankfully he's finally decided to do something and he's off to meet Blushweaver. (I did think the Returned playing that game and Lightsong not knowing the rules but winning was a fun scene.)

4. Vashir is still very mysterious. He's only popped up once or twice, and when he does I love the stuff. I don't know much of anything else about him except he's got an inside man in one of the Returned's palaces.

All in all I'm liking the book quite a bit so far. It's similar to Elantris and Mistborn in some ways, but it's unique in others. Maybe I'll have more time to read this week.

Take care.

Krista said...

Of Course I'm cool with that! Trust you me, you are in for a crazy ride! lol. Loved your thoughts, by the way, and I had a lot of your same thoughts at this point, too. Great stuff and I'm looking forward to more... :) I'll have to look for more of my thoughts as I was reading too... :)

logankstewart said...

Sounds good, Krista. I'm up to about 250 (I put the wrong page number on my last comment!) and it's great. Hopefully I'll get some time to read over the next few days.