Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lost Rehash S6.5: Lighthouse

I loved this episode.  Like Hugo hinted at, it reminded me of times past, of the fun adventures of Season 1.  Jack and Hurley’s Island trekking was intriguing and humorous, Jin and Claire’s misadventure was mystery filled and unsettling, and Jack’s Flashsideways was rather interesting.

Jack and David Shephard First, the Flashsideways.  As Jack gets home from work, he notices a scar from an appendectomy, which puzzles him.  A phone call from his mom later and it’s confirmed that Jack had his appendix taken out when he was young, though Jack doesn’t seem to remember this.  (If you recall, Jack had his appendix removed by Juliet and Kate in the Season 4 episode “Something Nice Back Home.”) 

Furthermore, in this Flashsideways we discover that Jack has an estranged son, David.  Their relationship is suffering.  Jack later learns that David is an excellent piano player and that the boy didn’t want his father to see him fail.  Jack tells his son that he can never fail in his eyes.  The boy warms up to his father and they return to Jack’s apartment for pizza.

I enjoyed the Flashsideways quite a bit.  The appendix scar poses possibilities that the sunken Island and other timeline are having reaching affects on this timeline.  It also had me wondering if Christian Shephard was a drunken alcoholic in this reality.  And who is David’s mother?

Jack, Hurley, LighthouseThe Island was, of course, more interesting.  Hurley was visited by Jacob, instructing  him to get Jack and go to the lighthouse.  Along the way, the two stop by the caves (from Season 1) and Hurley muses on the bodies of “Adam and Eve.”  The two discuss why they returned to the Island, where Jack answers a truthful, soul-bearing answer that he was “broken” and that he was stupid enough to think the Island could fix him.  Soon they reach the lighthouse.

Inside, there’s a giant compass-wheel and mirror/looking glass.  Hurley says they need to turn the wheel to a heading of 108, which corresponds to the name WALLACE.  We see that each degree corresponds to a name, which are the same as the ones scribbled on the cave from last week’s episode.  As 23-SHEPHARD is passed, Jack sees a reflection of his house in the mirror.  He suddenly grows angry and hot-headed and demands to see Jacob, and, when he doesn’t appear, he shatters the mirror and leaves.

Jack, Jacob, Hurley, Lighthouse, Lose Hurley is upset that he failed at his mission and Jacob reappears.  He apologizes, though Jacob doesn’t seem too bothered.  He realizes that Jacob’s true goal was to get Jack ready to see something, to “look out at the ocean for a little while,” and to be prepared to do his job.  Jacob also tells Hurley that he had to get them away from the Temple, because something bad is coming.

Finally, there’s Jin and Claire.  Their scenes were intense.  Claire definitely has lost her marbles.  She’s been bent on recovering Aaron and thinks the Temple folk have him.  She doesn’t seem to realize that it’s been three years.  Jin asks if she’s been alone and she says no, she’s been with her “friend.”  Claire captures and interrogates a Temple dweller—Justin—commanding him to give her back her son.  Jin says that Kate took him, which shocks Claire, and then in a fit of anger, she buries her axe into Justin’s gut.  Later Jin tells Claire that he lied about Kate, that he was trying to save Justin’s life, which Claire is relieved to hear, because otherwise she’d’ve had to killed Kate, too.  unLocke walks in and Jin rhetorically says “Locke?”  Claire laughs, saying that’s not Locke, that’s “my friend.”

Thoughts and Opinions

  • In “Something Nice Back Home,” Jack is reading to Aaron Alice in Wonderland in the Flashforward.
  • Seeing Dogen in the other timeline was interesting.  What in the world is he doing?
  • I’m wondering if the cave was actually the Man in Black’s cave and he was trying to copy and steal things from Jacob.
  • What are the implications from the Island’s timeline to the other timeline?  If an Island character dies, will the correlating character die, too?
  • Even in death, Jacob has confidence.
  • Next week, “Sundown.”  Will Sun finally be shot down?  I hope not, but she sure does get on my nerves sometimes, acting all snobby and biggy-big.


logankstewart said...

I forgot to mention, but who the heck is this 108-WALLACE character? Yeargh!

Jonathan Francis said...

I'm wondering if Wallace is a completely new character or if they are pulling a "Jeremy Bentham" and he is actually someone we know???

logankstewart said...

Very true, Jonathan. This could be another "Bentham" thing. I kind of hope it is someone familiar, so as not to introduce anymore new characters.

I'm curious to see what will become of Walt and Aaron, too... Maybe they'll come riding in on Vincent and save the Temple from utter destruction!