Thursday, March 25, 2010

Announcing the New and Improved Rememorandom

(Note: Facebook and Google Reader viewers will have to actually go to the blog to notice the changes.)

A few days ago Blogger unveiled its new tools; some enhanced and customizable templates, new layout capabilities, and a few other things.  You can read all about it here, if you’re so inclined.  I love Google, and I love playing with Google’s new things, so I had to try out Blogger’s (brought to you by Google, of course) new stuff.  The result?  I think it’s obvious.

I really like the monochromatic tones of the page, and I picked green because, well, it’s always been my favorite color.  The checkered background wasn’t my first choice, I wanted something with hatching or cross-hatching, but those designs were unavailable.  The more I look, though, the more I like the checkered pattern.  I really like the addition of a tab bar below my header.  I’ve wanted these for a while, and now I finally have them.  The gadget boxes look good to me, too.  I also redesigned a header, though I take no credit for the image, as it was found doing a Google Image search.  The most difficult choice was the font colors, but I think they turned out okay.

So for now, this is my revamped blog.  It looks much more professional (though this is by no means professional in any sense of the word) and mature (again with the fickle words).  I’m excited about the tab bar, and I’ve put together a few things for the current tabs.

imageNow, to change gears, I thought this was a pretty clever little utensil.  The titanium spork.  Take it with you camping.  Bring it to school or work and reuse it, over and over, without the hassle of actually carrying two separate pieces of silverware.  Mind blowing, I say.  What more could you ask for?  More info here.  The write up is actually pretty funny.

The cruise draws nearer.  Only around 45 days until we’re radiating pure happiness in the Eastern Caribbean.

Sofie got spayed yesterday, poor little thing.  We’ve had her for 3 or 4 weeks now, and her and Stella are getting along pretty good.  Plus, the house-breaking of the new dog is improving tremendously, though there are still mishaps to deal with.  But, having two dogs is fun, even if it’s occasionally annoying.

The autographed Pat Rothfuss book contest ends this Sunday.  Currently I have 12 entries from 7 different people, but no ones done the super easy way to earn 3 extra entries.  You know, the “send me an email explaining why you should win” entry.  I don’t need a long thesis-defense type explanation, a sentence would suffice, but if you went longer, that’d be fine, too.  You can make it up, telling me that you want the book for the dying orphan that lives down the road and this is his “Make a Wish” wish.  Or you can be honest.  Or you can bribe me.  Or you can threaten me.  Whatever.  The email is like Only the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy’s contests, which ask the entrants for a snarky comment, only I’m not ‘necessarily’ looking for snark.  (Speaking of snark, I did have the best snark from the last contest, so I got 3 bonus entries for a future giveaway.)  Anyway, just thought I’d throw that out there.

For now, I move onto a blackened world, filled with the neon colors of drainage areas and the pea greens of contour lines.  I got another piece of dark flash fiction for tomorrow that I really like.

Oh, and if’n you wouldn’t mind, let me know if you have any problems with anything on the new layout of the blog.  I know if any of you are using IE6 (really?) then you might be in for an adventure. 


David Wagner said...

I'm sending an email now... I just didn't want to be greedy...

I hope your cruise is amazing. Are you going to take along your spork?

I like the layout. Green's my fave too. I might look into the new features and tinker with my layout as well! Though mine needs to be a stretch layout, so we'll see.

Any way to freeze the green checkerboard in the background, so while you scroll the columns, the background stays static?

logankstewart said...

@Dave: I'll keep an eye out for your email. I'm considering getting that spork just because it's so awesome, though it would definitely qualify as a totally needless purchase.

Uh, the background should be static. Or at least it is on mine. The only thing that moves is the actual checkered pattern, as opposed to scrolling down with an image behind it. What browser do you use? Could that have anything to do with it?

Krista said...

Your new look seems to be working quite well for me. :) Looks great! The checkers don't move around on my screen either. They only move with the whole page when you scroll down on the screen.

You are right a good spork would come in quite handy. lol

If I think of something awesome to say I'll send you an email... I'm not too good at those, though. lol

Lookin forward to your flash fiction :)

Marie said...

the layout looks great. I'm planning on playing around with mine too. I think yours looks terrific! have a great day! :-)

logankstewart said...

@Krista: Thanks for the info on the background and how it works for you.

@Marie: Thank you very much.