Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Broken Starter and Free, New Springsteen

So my car's starter is basically broke.  It's been long coming, and now that cold weather is here, it's arrived in full bloom.  I called a few places today to get estimates.  $342.49.  $256.00.  $379.85.  And all this when I'm in a "let's pay off the debt with the extra money we're making from Pampered Chef and subbing."  Fortunately, my uncle is quite knowledgeable about vehicles (I am not), and he's the manager of a tire & shop down home.  So I called him up and asked what he could do for me.  $104.00.  That's without labor, which all the other quotes included, but he figures we can put it in ourselves and save the labor cost.

But, to make things better, NPR is currently streaming fifteen tracks (almost an hour of free music) from Bruce Springsteen's newest album, The Promise.  Gotta say, the Boss just gets better and better the more I listen to him.  How I want to see him in concert one of these days.  The man's supposed to put on legendary concerts, and I wanna experience one.  Anyway, if you would like to listen, follow this link to hear the album.

Now, back to fretting about finances, budgets, God, vehicles, engineering, war, and the multitude of other things that weigh on my mind.  Oh, and Fallout, too, cause that's on the brain-tube right now.


ibeeeg said...

Sorry about your started but glad to know about Springsteen's new album.

Last night I watched about Springsteen on Biography. I have to tell you, I am one of his fans that loves his older music best. Everything from Born in the USA and older. I am listening to the album right now, and only two songs in...I can tell that I like this one, but then again, I know most of the songs...or so it seems. I would have to dig out my old cassettes and albums, but does it seem to you that this is really a reissue album vs a new album? I think it may. Anyway, I will hold off on that thought until I listen to the full album.

logankstewart said...

@ibeeeg: A bio of the Boss would be pretty sweet. His older stuff is great, but I'm a pretty big fan of just about every one of his albums, especially Nebraska and The River. I think a lot of the songs are original demos and alternate takes, but there are some new ones, too, I believe. Enjoy!

ibeeeg said...

The bio was sweet. After his bio they played one on Johnny Cash who is quite interesting too. I like Cash's voice a whole lot. Anyway, what was interesting is that they did not play any clips at all of Springsteen's music but there were some of Cash's. My husband said that Springsteen probably would not allow it. He said it in jest, but he probably is not too far off the track considering how private the man is. Anyhow, I listened to the whole album, liked it immensely. alternate takes is what I would say because many of the songs have been played elsewhere...either on other albums, bootleg, other artists, etc. Still good though. I love The River and am so-so on Nebraska but love it far more than The Tunnel of Love. Probably my fav is Born to Run, but The River is quite close. He really is a great musician.