Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Updates! Baby, Life, Movies, Games, Etc.

Chiefly being that we found out yesterday the sex of our baby, plus some ultrasound pictures, and other stuff.

1.  Stewart Little, as we've affectionately been calling the fetus, is now sexed, or at least is now sexed to us.  Keisha and I are proud to say that we're having a GIRL.  So it's gonna be me, Keisha, Stewart Little, Stella, and Sofie.  I say I'm vastly outnumbered here...

Aren't those images crazy?  Watching the little bugger squirm and kick and move and punch and everything yesterday was quite surreal, and it's amazing to know that I helped make her.  See the little feet!  The face still looks alien and skeletal, but I'm smitten.  It was funny how hyper and active she was, too, but everything looked great and healthy, and we thank God for that.

2.  We ordered our crib, changing table, and dresser last night from JC Penny.  I applied for a credit card to save an additional 10% off, was approved, and then found out my limit was $50 less than what the total cost was.  So I called Penny's and requested an immediate credit increase of $100 and got that taken care of.  Then I went to finish the purchase and was asked to enter my credit card info, which I didn't have as I had no card yet, so I made another phone call.  Everything was going well until my phone died about 20 minutes into the call, so I had to call back and repeat the entire process.   All said and done, I spent about 45 minutes on the phone working it all out, but in the end we got our stuff ordered and now we're waiting for the backorder to fill and ship.

3.  My paycheck is currently 19 days late, which is to say that I'm technically due two checks, as another is now 5 days late.  This is confusing, as my firm was awarded a 10+ million dollar contract recently (though obviously we've seen no money from this yet, as the project is in its early infancy).  I simply ask for your prayers in all this stuff, knowing God will provide and take care, but it's quite stressful, too.

4.  My brother returned from Afghanistan over the weekend, and I got to see him on Saturday.  We spent an hour or so sitting around and just talking, and it was great.  I'm very thankful God watched over him and kept him safe.  His unit encountered Taliban forces 41 times, and he was part of about 35 of those encounters, so God definitely saw to him.

5.  My reading life is hectic.  I'm listening to an audio book at work (Terry Brooks' Bearers of the Black Staff), and nearly finished.  I'm finally reading a STAR WARS book that I've been waitlisted on for a while.  I also checked out Joe Abercrombie's The Heroes (so many great reviews already) yesterday, which was purchased by my request to the library.  I really want to start this soon, as I won't be able to renew it, since its waitlist is already growing.  And then I'm reading an unpublished manuscript for someone, which has been quite enjoyable so far, and I'm about halfway through that.  And then there's the smattering of graphic novels and comics I need to read and return.  (Oh, and let's not even consider the time I'm spending playing Dead Space 2.)  All of this on my plate and knowing Pat Rothfuss' The Wise Man's Fear will be shipped to my house come early March.  So much to read...

6.  As for Dead Space 2, it's been phenomenal.  It's captured all of the terror and features of gameplay the first one had and upped the graphics and added better controls.  The plot has been crazy; the necromorphs plentiful; the fear tense.  I've only got a chapter or two left before I beat the game, and I've really enjoyed this play through.

7.  We watched two James Bond films over the weekend: Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.  Neither Keisha nor myself have seen much (or any) of Bond, but we both liked these movies.  Daniel Craig does great, and I'm looking forward to diving into more Bond, especially adding the older ones onto my Netflix queue.

8.  So much going on in life right now that there's no way I could cover it all.  At times I'm stressed.  Other times I'm amazed.  Sometimes I'm sickened and dismayed.  Through it all I look to Jesus and try to live like Him.  I fail, I know, but I try.


David Wagner said...

Great post! Glad your bro is safe and that you got to see him. I trust Od will continue to protect him.

Awesome news about the ultrasound. I've got three daughters myself. Ultimately, being out numbered is not a big deal.

Keep plugging along, bro.

David Wagner said...

I trust Od? What kind of typo is that!? Sheesh...

Turn that into God, and you've got a deal.

Guess that what I get for typing on this silly iPad...

Bill said...

If you need any James Bond recommendations then keep reading because I'm not asking your permission:

In chronological order:
Dr. No - the first Bond movie, classic villany, 50's plot line

Goldfinger - a fan favorite (including myself) with much of the film taking place here in KY. Everyone's favorite villain, Oddjob, is here.

Live and Let Die - Roger Moore in the 2nd most ridiculous Bond movie ever. Includes extensive Southern and Voodoo sterotyping. The Man With the Golden Gun is a much better example of Moore's abilities, while Moonraker might make you want to perform your own laser eye surgery.

GoldenEye - Brosnan revives Bond and creates the basis for the best 1st-person shooter ever.

Note that there are many more movies, some good some bad. Wikipedia has a good summary table.

Angie said...

Of course you're smitten! Daddies always are. Congratulations. What wonderful blessings for you. I sure hope you get paid soon!

Anonymous said...

1-congrats on having a daughter! and I'm glad everyone is healthy. I hope everything will go smoothly for you and Keisha and Stewart little.

2-ah, the nursery. very fun. have a "theme" picked out?

3-i hope the paychecks-thing gets sorted out soon, too. very stressful.

4-awesome that your brother has been looked after. and that you got to see him.

5-i only seem to be only adding to my lists lately, instead of finishing the books i've started.


Abbie Josephsen said...

Congrats Logan! That is so awesome :) shouldn't you now be calling her "stacy little" since you now officially know she is a girl? :)

And I"m glad to hear your brother made it back safely!

Paula Titus said...

Will certainly send up some prayers for your work situation. Try not to worry too much - God will see to it, just like He's doing in all of the other things you've mentioned. :)

logankstewart said...

@Dave(x2): I knew what ya meant, friend. Thanks!

@Bill: So I've added plenty of these to my dvd queue now. The only one I'd seen was GoldenEye.

@Angie: Thank you, and me too!

@L: Aye, our theme is Noah's Ark, but I'm not sure on all the decor.

@Abbie: Haha. Thank you!

@Paula: Prayers are definitely appreciated. I am a very stress-free, unworried sort of fellow, but after so long of the same thing it begins to grate on the nerves. I know God'll provide, as He always does...

ibeeeg said...

The creation of a baby is an incredible thing; then the nurturing of said creation is even more incredible as the years go on.
I am reading a book, and one of the things the author said has spoken loudly to me... "I will embrace the skin of a boy child that my body grew from a seed.", an amazing thing that I am able to do...embrace said child that I helped to grow. I think you will feel the same most especially once your child is born.

Keep in mind, when preparing for this babe; not much is truly needed - diapers, clothing, crib. Truly, the baby will not care as long it is feed, clothed and loved. Wait until they are older when the financial demands are created from their wants and other needs. :)
Seeing how things are a bit financial strapped, please try to stay centered in the idea that your baby does not need all that Babies 'R' Us, and the rest of the world wants you to believe. :) Soak in the joy of this time because there will never be another first time at this. A beautiful and amazing time.

Glad your brother is safely home. I am sure you and your family are resting sound now.

I am right now looking at "The Name of the Wind" thinking...I am reading this one next, and will skip reading a different book. I cannot wait to dive into it. I should just put my current read on hold, but I am reading that one for a bookclub and the discussion date is not one that can change.

Ahhh...Logan, when feeling stressed, try to focus on what you are finding amazing. That helps. :)

logankstewart said...

@ibeeeg: I had to read this comment aloud to my wife. This is something both of us feel very strongly about, and that's that we don't want to spoil our daughter too much. We feel like a lot of kids these days have so much material stuff that they grow up to be insatiable and needy; we want to have a few nice things, but definitely not every-room-in-the-house filled with toys. Both of us grew up taking hand-me-down clothes from cousins and church family and we feel like this is the smart way to go. Second-hand stores and freebies all the way.

Thank you for the advice, and we completely agree with one another.

Oh, I hope you get into The Name of the Wind soon. I love reading new reviews and hearing people's experiences.