Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ends and Odds and Links

Amazon is currently offering the Lord of the Rings Extended Blu-Ray trilogy for $69.99.  I'm not sure if this is permanent or just a current special, since they just came out yesterday.  Click here for details.

Found this from io9 yesterday.  I love the artist's illustrations, but I'm fondest of her interpretation of LOTR as a modern day affair.  I'll embed one image (without permission, so if I need to remove it lemme know), but I strongly urge you to follow this link and look at her stuff.  Hilarious and beautiful.

Awesome, eh?  I love all the renditions.  The nazgul on the bicycle cracked me up big big.  And Smeagol looks great.  Legolas is pretty funny, too, and Gandalf.  Ahh.  Really, check out her tumblr site and laugh and be impressed.

Avonlea's umbilical stump fell off.  We gave her her first submerged bath.  She wasn't too impressed, but did seem to prefer it to the sponge cleaning.  We dried her off.  We wrapped her in a towel to warm her and finish drying her.  She pooped, an explosion so enormous that our foundation shook.  Our little bundle of joy made her own little bundle of joy in the towel.  After the bath.  When she was nekkid.  She was re-cleaned.  The towels were purged with hyssop and cleansed with dragonsfire.

I hate prank calls, especially at 2am.  What kind of people think this is funny?  Adolescent girls aren't intimidating.  Nor were these particularly bright, as they failed to block their phone number the first two times they called me. 

I've been re-reading GRRM's A Feast for Crows and I'm very nearly finished.  [SPOILER WARNING FOR GRRM STUFF].  The Greyjoy's are rather boring, really.  I love the Drowned God religion, though, and Damphair is fantastic, but I could care less about the Seastone Chair and Asha.  Pssh.  And I feel pretty much the same about the Dornish plot.  But I really enjoy Arya's scenes in this book and everything that she learns.  The Faceless Men are really cool.  I don't think I realized that the Alchemist in the Prologue (who later becomes Pate at the end) is likely Jaqen H'ghar from ACWK.  Is their art related to the skinchanging art of the North?  Sansa's never been a character I've cared about.  Samwell's okay, but I much prefer Jon.  I like Jaime's development quite a bit, and Cersei's is mediocre, but Brienne's is definitely the best of these three.  How awesome is Lady Stoneheart and her band of merry men?  And is this somehow related to the Others?  I'm rather eager to crack open A Dance With Dragons here in the next few weeks.  Gimme Tyrion!  Gimme Jon!  Gimme Daenerys!

I've also been reading through Joe Abercrombie's The Heroes.  I've not made too much progress, but it feels like I'm reading an old friend already.  The man sure has a way with words.  Who knows how long it'll take to finish this, but hopefully I'll get through it 'ere ADWD hits shelves.

I also picked up Wise Man's Fear on audio at the library yesterday.  I think I'll give it a listen while at work.  It's 36 discs, or 43hr18m.  That's the longest audio book I've ever seen.

Project completion is somewhat imminent, so perhaps I'll get it done.  Here's to hoping.


Bill said...

I've been told explosive poop can travel great distances when unrestrained. Thank goodness for that towel!

David Wagner said...

Good stuff in this post. I'm champing at the bit for Dance. You'll love The Heroes, I'm sure. All these unread books in my collection, and I'm contemplating re-reading The Heroes already... sheesh!

36 discs? Ouch. Rip them into mp3s and stick them on your iPod... you pirate you!

logankstewart said...

@Bill: Indeed, friend. Thank goodness indeed-o.

@Dave: Winter is coming, and soon, I daresay. I'm sure you'll be through ADWD well before I am.