Monday, July 11, 2011

Life is...

Life is green poop, milky-white spit-up, and faint blue lines on a diaper indicating clear urine.  It's a splotchy, ruddy face that changes from peach to red as it smiles and cries.  It's the silver-brown eyes of Avonlea as she soaks in everything.  It's staring at a black screen filled with fuchsia, lime, aqua, and lemon lines that represent delineated water sheds and their drainage areas.  It's the mind-numbing snow white of an Excel background and the faint grey lines that separate individual shells.  It's the red-hot temperatures in the haze of summer.  It's the deep greens of a jalapeno plant and the dirty oranges of uprooted carrots, the daffodil yellows of squash and the crisp violets of petunias.  It's the off-white paper and straight-edged text of The Heroes.  It's the impossibly dark crimson of blood as it's freely given away routinely for no reason other than it's a good thing to do.  It's the pale streetlights shining through midnight window blinds and the sunrise turning the sky into a melting pot of colors.

Life is a wonderful adventure and every person I encounter is a character in a book.  I am blessed beyond reason, loved undeservedly, and filled with joy.  I am blown away by a God of impossibilities and reminded with every color I see how great a Creator He is.  Life is amazing and I would change nothing if I could.


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Great post...I love this. :)