Wednesday, October 12, 2011

General Updates

i see your bet and i raise you fifty more.
It's hard to believe that Avonlea is now over four months old.  She had her appointment for shots and stuff on Monday, and it possibly was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen.  The first round of shots from last month had nothing on this batch.  After a general check up from the pediatrician, the nurse came in to give the immunizations.  The first shot went in, Avonlea went from happy to total betrayal shock then to momentary silence to all-out screams in two seconds.  Then came the second shot in the other leg and the poor baby somehow became even more pitiful.  I really thought I was going to cry.  There's something about that defenseless mewling that destroyed a small part of my soul, but I know it's for her good.

Prior to all of this, she was weighed and measured.  Avonlea now weighs 9 lb, 6 oz, which puts her in the <5% on weight for babies her age.  This is congruent with her 3 month weight, as well as birth.  Length she is now in the <10%, so that's some improvement from the previous two measurements.  Foreverthemore, the good doctor said she looks great, acts great, and is perfectly healthy.

We're expecting her to start picking up some weight, since we began supplementing her with actual baby food a week or two ago.  Avonlea, like her daddy, loves green peas, though she's a touch messier than I am when she eats them.  She's not overly fond of bananas, but carrots are proving delicious.  The brown rice cereal is neither here nor there, but it's definitely filling, as evidenced by her sleeping through the night.

Sunday also turned out to be a wonderful day.  I lazied on the couch all afternoon, watching the Colts screw up and lose, and Avonlea lay right there with me.  This is a milestone, as Avonlea generally does not enjoy napping  by daddy and usually begins crying almost instantly.  (Oddly enough, she loves me rocking her to sleep and curls right up in my arms and drifts off pretty quickly.)  Still, she fell asleep on my chest and it was perfect.

Saturday night was The Well.  It was our first gathering.  A group of us really just want to get deeper in our relationship with God, deeper in our worship, in our praise to Him, and more in touch with our brothers & sisters.  We sang some songs, studied some Scripture, and glorified God in our quest to breathe His Word.  It was refreshing and intentions were met.
at mom's house.
I've also been working on a short story that I plan on putting out here as a Writing Wednesday post.  I have another one finished (though unedited) that is part of something much larger, something that's been in the works for a while now.  NaNoWriMo is next month, and while that's the perfect catalyst to force me to spew some words and thoughts, it's also too hectic an event for me to commit to, especially now that we have Avonlea.  I wish we had some sort of writer's group here in OBKY, or just some sort of pen pal like person that I could bounce ideas off and get my stuff ripped to shreds.

I'm finally starting on a new project at work.  After two years of tweaking a project down at the Land Between the Lakes, it's nice to finally be staring at something new.  What's more, this project is located in Illinois, relatively near St. Louis.  Because of it being in a different state, there's a whole new set of guidelines to follow for design work that's different from Kentucky.  While interesting and insightful, it's also tedious.  Soon, though, I'll be into the work and eager to start.

Lot's going on.  Maybe a book review Friday, and if not, then probably Monday.


Anonymous said...

she is a cutie! time does fly doesn't it? very sweet about her hanging out with you.

I have found a lot of indie book shops are aware of writers groups, as well as community colleges, and Universities if you have one nearby. don't feel shy sending work my way, if you think I could help.

sounds like a lot is going on, which is good, and oft overwhelming. hope all does and continues to go well for you and yours!


Angie said...

She's adorable. Babies are the best! Getting them shots always breaks my heart too. Good luck with your writing projects!

Carl V. said...

It is hard to believe she is that old. Time does go too fast when they are precious and little like this.

Wonderful picture of you and your family.

The Well sounds amazing, and your goals are on par with my own, that is for sure. Want something deeper, more personal, and want to be exactly who God created me to be. Also want to learn to be willing to make whatever sacrifices and concessions of my own agenda, goals, etc. that are necessary to actually live God's Word, especially as things get worse and worse in the world. They are going to need light and are going to need to see people who walk in the blessings of God even in the midst of chaos and I so want to be one of those people that God can and does use.

logankstewart said...

@L: Thanks for the suggestion about the colleges. I didn't think to look there at all, and we've got 2 or 3 small ones in the city. I'll have to investigate.

@Angie: Yes she is. Thank you!

@Carl: Ah, The Well was fantastic. Our next gathering is coming up this weekend, and I'm ready for it. I think that this is something that's missing in church today. It's definitely refreshing/encouraging/edifying.

Chimeradave said...

I did NaNoWriMo this past November. It was so much fun. Of course Henry wasn't born until Jan., but hopefully he'll be old enough comes Nov. 2012 that my wife will indulge me and let me write again this year.

If you still want a pen pal, I'll read your writing anytime you want!

logankstewart said...

@Chimeradave: I may take you up on your willingness to read (and critique) my writing. Be warned!