Monday, May 15, 2006

Lost: I

This is a new series on Lost.
I realize that my last series over answers to general questions was short lived, and this one could be, too, quite possibly, but I shall try nontheless.

I will not take the time to explain in detail the scenario. If you watch the show, then you know it. If not, I'll be brief. An airplane, Oceanic Flight 815, crashed for unknown reasons on an unknown island. There are many survivors, including a doctor, a con artist, a rock star, a fugitive (not Harrison Ford), a mobster, a multi-millionaire lottery winner, a walking cripple, and many others. Ah, yes, there are the Others. The Others are the ones that were already on the island. They are the ones that everybody is trying to get to to find out exactly what is going on. The Others may hold the secrets of the island. Or maybe they hold the answers.

Many of these characters are interwoven through their past, yet few of the survivors realize this. And that presents the purpose of this post.

Problem: What harm would it bring if the survivors told their personal stories to the rest of the survivors on the island? What if they shared their past instead of harboring it inside?

Answer: Granted people are not going to be comfortable talking about their past. Let's take Sawyer for example. Sawyer is a con man. In his life he killed at least one person we know of, he stole large amounts of money, and he lived outside and above the law. Generally people do not share this kind of information and they want their secrets to remain buried. But, why?
The old life is over. There is no hope of rescue. Most likely the survivors will remain on the island for most of, if not all, their lives. The island presents the survivors with a chance at renewal. The island also presents the survivors with many questions and mysteries, and these could best be solved by combining their backgrounds and learning. The characters should step outside of their comfort zones and open up. Ultimately they'll win back the trust of the masses.
Trust? How much can one trust the other? Who on the island hasn't killed a person?