Friday, July 25, 2008

Resurrection Fern

In our days we will live like our ghost will live.
Pitching glass at the cornfield crows and folding clothes.

The summer semester draws almost to an end and my innards have gone liquid. I've also had ABBA in my head for about 2 weeks, rendering sleep nearly impossible. And all day today I listened to Classical music and typed on my Applied Hydrology report.

I did find this scrap o' note today. It is dated 6/9/2034.

"It's after us. We've been running for 3 days straight with very little food and practically no sleep. I'm pretty sure that tomorrow we're gonna have to do something or I think I might die. I still haven't even seen it, though, but it makes a horrible feeling in my head, like it can actually read my mind or something... Our short rest is over and we're heading out again."

Kinda depressing. I'll keep you posted when I do.