Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tea & Probability

So I've been sittin' here doin' my probability & statistics for the past while and I'm not really sure how many cups of tea I've consumed. Currently a Counting Crows song blares on my roomates computer. My mind also runs so that while I'm trying to study and do my homework, I find myself thinking about other things. Camping this weekend should be fun, with all the fireworks and swimming and all. Mountain Dew will most likely be the substitute for tea this weekend.

O but only if I could get a few problems done I would be a li'l happier with myself. I mean, who really cares about the T distribution and the Chi-squared distribution? Is there some sort of application to my life? "How much tea would you have to drink in order to see the true colors of the American flag?" I mean, c'mon, c'mon, have you seen me lately? I just read all the time. That's pretty much it. Whether its the Bible or the Dark Tower, STAR WARS, or maybe T. S. Eliot, life goes on. Oh yeah, long after the thrill of living is gone...

Know the difference between mean and x-bar? I think x-bar is equivalent to average, which is slightly different from mean. And so I stare absently at my P & S textbook, thankfully that the homeworks not technically due for a week or so, but actually due the day after tomorrow. Red Hot Chili Peppers now. Come to think of it, my tea's nearly empty. I guess I should buckle down and hammer to it. Just a few problems. Or I could go read or take a shower or play my guitar or practice piano or do anything but this blasted probability. Argh. It's time...

Long days and pleasant nights, amigo...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Dark Tower

Recently I began reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I had heard of the books, but I'm not much into King. However, after reading book one, The Gunslinger, I was enthralled. King creates a world of magic and terror and gunslingers and magicians and doors and riddles and enough coincidence/fate to keep me page turning. The books are quite amazing, to say the least.

King says that he loved The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, as well as The Lord of the Rings, and this book is kind of a twisted story containing both. The gunslinger, Roland, is on a quest for the Dark Tower, and after book one, the reader still knows very little at all. Book two, The Drawing of the Three, is much better than The Gunslinger. I highly recommend this series for everyone who loves fantasy, sci-fi, etc. Beware, though, there is some vulgarity and profanity along the way to the Tower, but pay it no heed.