Friday, July 21, 2006

Radiator Problemo

So two days ago I was driving back to my apartment with my roomate in the car. We pulled in and got out and immediately noticed the acrid smell and pouring steam/smoke rolling from under my hood. Which is where things technically started going wrong.
The radiator had a crack that some epoxy somewhat fixed. But then there came the gash in the radiator hose, hence the smell/steam. So, after letting the stuff cool down, we cut off the part where the hole was and reclamped the tube down. Which worked fine for two days. And then tonight, I'm going to my friend's uncles and I notice that the temperature begins to rise very, very quickly. By the time I pull in it looked like my hood was on fire beneath, and the smell was terrible. So we poured water into the radiator. Which, I thought, would be a good idea. When I left and came back to my apartment, the same problem again.
The predicament: I'm leaving the Big Town tomorrow for a while to return home. I'm longing for home. For peace. For less stress here and for my fiancee (I think it's with the ee). However, it looks like I'm gonna have to be concerned about making it home in one piece for the 120 mile trek, as well as getting it fixed. And all this with little money. But I know that God will provide for me. He always has, and He always will.
Knowing little about automobiles, I hope that there is nothing too wrong. Or too expensive. I hope that by buying a new hose that my problem will be fixed. Hopefully. I'd like to be home. Once the car's there I won't let it bother me. But until then, I'll just depend on Jesus to get me through, and my car.

If I never post again, mayhap my car blew up.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights, amigos...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Exodus & finality

All my bags are packed (mostly), I'm ready to go,
And my belly's aching of buffalo,
cause spicy garlic and hot wings make me sick.

so i ate at bw3's.
and i probly shouldn't have.
but when i've only got two nights left in the big town i can afford a lil extravagance.
see, i'll be leaving for home saturday, not to return to louisville (potentially) until january of 2007. that means i'll be on co-op again. which means that i'll be making money again. which means that i'll still be farther away from my fiancee. argh.

and so the title become applicable. sorta. i'll be taking an exodus (hopefully spiritually) when i leave here. i plan on using my co-op as time to get closer to God and His Will. i read His Word daily, but i don't really read it. i'll be in a foreign land (i.e. Indiana), and across a river (the Ohio). and when i come back to the big town there may not look to be an outward change, but inward there will be. and of that i am certain. God has provided for me always, and He always will. for that I am most thankful.

and who knows, my plans for marriage may be more developed. and mayhap my tennis skills will have increased. and i might start working out more. but, for certain, I will be closer to my Father and Savior. i will persevere. and with that, i retire.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights, amigos...

3:13 a.m.

This late/early the mind seems to be thinking much clearer than usual. It is finals week. I am finished, yet here in town for another few days. Primarily I've been cleaning and organizing (mostly music on my computer). Finals were actually pretty easy. Wolves of the Calla is pretty good so far. I've not had too much time to spend reading here of late. However, I have been practicing my piano and guitar e'en more. Which, there is a song called "Boston" by Augustana. Me gusta mucho.
Which reminds me. Augustana opened for a concert I went to last week. The Counting Crows (best band ever to have lived) and the Goo Goo Dolls. The concert was in Cincinatti and was awesome. First time I e'er saw the Crows or the Dolls, and both were great. Plus, my favourite song was the second one that the Crows sang ("Mrs. Potters Lullaby"). I'm not really sure whether or not it can top the Nickel Creek concert I went to last fall, though, in Louisville. 'Twas amazing, especially since tickets landed us on the third row.
It's now 3:16. I should go to sleep. But I imagine that I'll lay awake and pray. Or think. I like doing both. Until...

Long Days and Pleasant Nights, amigos....

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wizard and Glass

There is that feeling when you finish a long book. It's the one that's saying There should be more, I just know it, but... Argh. So, I finished Wizard and Glass just a little bit ago. Of course it was good, and it's technically not over (because of the three sequels) but the book was good. Maybe it's not the There should be more feeling. Maybe it's Huh, I'm through. Now what to do?

Obviously the answer is to pick up the sequel--Wolves of the Calla--and start right away. But, I have STAR WARS books to read, and Frankenstein, and Absalom! Absalom!, and a William Golding. There are definitely way, way too many books out there to choose from. Way too many. Perhaps someday I'll have read e'erything that I wanted to e'er read, but I doubt that. That'll only happen if books become banned. And that's certainly not e'er gonna happen. Unless we live in a Farenheit 431 world.

Long days and pleasant nights, amigos...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

wild eyed beast

and so the man sometimes finds himself subject to askant, glaring views.
his back hurts from hauling in hay.
his mind is still sleepy, so why's he staring at the screen?
there's the test thursday to study for,
e'en though environmental seems eccentric.
argh. pirates comes out this weekend, and i still gotta finish reading the Wizard and the Glass.
sometimes being a rodeo clown is almost too much.
but, through all the depression of the clown business,
the frowns and ridicule,
omnipresent is Jesus, to offer His love and grace,
His forgiveness for failure,
and His salvation for sin,
all free of charge to us, but His life was the price.
Jesus is truly the answer to everything,
with 42 following at a very distant second.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights, amigos...