Thursday, July 20, 2006

Exodus & finality

All my bags are packed (mostly), I'm ready to go,
And my belly's aching of buffalo,
cause spicy garlic and hot wings make me sick.

so i ate at bw3's.
and i probly shouldn't have.
but when i've only got two nights left in the big town i can afford a lil extravagance.
see, i'll be leaving for home saturday, not to return to louisville (potentially) until january of 2007. that means i'll be on co-op again. which means that i'll be making money again. which means that i'll still be farther away from my fiancee. argh.

and so the title become applicable. sorta. i'll be taking an exodus (hopefully spiritually) when i leave here. i plan on using my co-op as time to get closer to God and His Will. i read His Word daily, but i don't really read it. i'll be in a foreign land (i.e. Indiana), and across a river (the Ohio). and when i come back to the big town there may not look to be an outward change, but inward there will be. and of that i am certain. God has provided for me always, and He always will. for that I am most thankful.

and who knows, my plans for marriage may be more developed. and mayhap my tennis skills will have increased. and i might start working out more. but, for certain, I will be closer to my Father and Savior. i will persevere. and with that, i retire.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights, amigos...

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