Tuesday, July 04, 2006

wild eyed beast

and so the man sometimes finds himself subject to askant, glaring views.
his back hurts from hauling in hay.
his mind is still sleepy, so why's he staring at the screen?
there's the test thursday to study for,
e'en though environmental seems eccentric.
argh. pirates comes out this weekend, and i still gotta finish reading the Wizard and the Glass.
sometimes being a rodeo clown is almost too much.
but, through all the depression of the clown business,
the frowns and ridicule,
omnipresent is Jesus, to offer His love and grace,
His forgiveness for failure,
and His salvation for sin,
all free of charge to us, but His life was the price.
Jesus is truly the answer to everything,
with 42 following at a very distant second.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights, amigos...

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