Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wizard and Glass

There is that feeling when you finish a long book. It's the one that's saying There should be more, I just know it, but... Argh. So, I finished Wizard and Glass just a little bit ago. Of course it was good, and it's technically not over (because of the three sequels) but the book was good. Maybe it's not the There should be more feeling. Maybe it's Huh, I'm through. Now what to do?

Obviously the answer is to pick up the sequel--Wolves of the Calla--and start right away. But, I have STAR WARS books to read, and Frankenstein, and Absalom! Absalom!, and a William Golding. There are definitely way, way too many books out there to choose from. Way too many. Perhaps someday I'll have read e'erything that I wanted to e'er read, but I doubt that. That'll only happen if books become banned. And that's certainly not e'er gonna happen. Unless we live in a Farenheit 431 world.

Long days and pleasant nights, amigos...

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