Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lucky! Lick the Downtrodden!

God has been good to me. Merciful. Gracious. Forgiving.
He has been good to the ones I love. Kind. Comforting. Strong.
Yet it seems, no matter what, people are conflicted. I've said before that drama does not really happen to me, but to the ones I love. Many of my friends and relatives have been beset by problems that lead to a deep sadness, and though no great tragedy has happened to me, I feel like I am to be a help. And so I try. I remind that God is always there and that He knows what is going on. He is in charge, after all.
But the downtrodden are given a choice: stay down or rise. Bravo to those who rise, and prayers to those who do not. Perserverance is vital for this life. As is God. He is a loving God and an omnipresent God. He does not forsake. He will never forsake. Prayer and a Bible are essential tools to press on.
And, of course, being around friends and just people in general usually makes bad feelings (loneliness, for example) go away. We are somewhat like leeches, feeding off the khef of others. And if people don't work, dogs usually always do. Go up to a dog (make it a friendly one) and cry around it; I would almost bet a limb that it will lick you and make you feel better. My fiance felt down the other day, and I wanted her to feel better, so I summoned the dog to lick the downtrodden. I think it worked. At least it got her sticky.

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