Tuesday, October 31, 2006

simply put:

happy halloween.
i didn't have no candy to give nobody.
i didn't hear anyone say a "trick or treat"
i think ee cummings invented the microwave,
or maybe T. S. Eliot found gold in the wastelands.
this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper!
there were no ghosts or goblins prancing around in the gloom,
there was one kid that came to my door, but
i didn't have no candy to give to nobody, ('at's a trip negative)
so i stood in the shadows and looked through the peephole until he was gone.
i shoulda opened the door just to hear "trick or treat".
i woulda been tricked, kinda like Hemingway, poor fellow.
the only bridges worth crossing are the ones that lead to the future,
or the ones that mend the past,
or the spooky one that the Headless Horseman sometimes crosses in Sleepy Hollow.
are bones hollow?
it was definitely Eliot who wrote of the Hollow Men,
but it was Abrams & Lindelof who wrote of the Others.
night wanes. i tire. work comes early. sleep comes slowly. r..aammbl...ee cummings?

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