Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prologue--An Olde Prophecy

And it was shown to me in a vision
That a new Hero would arise,
And with his birth the clouds would darken
And the sun would eclipse,
And the child would cry not.

And he would be marked upon his left hand
With a dead finger, broken off in the womb.
Dragons and scorpions - all manner of beasts -
Will strike at his birth.
But he shall be delivered into the world.

And in those days the world will be dark,
But hidden by a brilliant array of lights,
With automation everywhere.
And the child will grow, taught by his father,
Loved by his mother.

And the world will reject its hero,
But he will fight for them.
And I saw a great battle too glorious to tell,
But it brought bloodshed and death to many;
Corpses covered every street.

And the Hero shall receive a talisman of great power,
And with it he will wage war against the Dark.
And with it, he will defeat the darkness,
And light will reign forever.

**Translated from the 20th century prophet San-Sha ta Nek

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