Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter time has gone

It was Easter just the other day. While many were celebrating the bunny and such, there were many that were at church, as well. Sadly, many of those people only go to church on Easter and Christmas. I don't know why that is. I had an interesting Easter weekend, as I did get a new guitar and found out some of my uncles were in jail. The guitar does not relate.
the weekend before i volunteered to be the easter bunny at the company that i work at's picnic. and the sevens just kept wylin. some kids were terrified of the six foot tall bunny. others embraced me and said "i love you, easter bunny." and one guy wanted me to set on his lap. and a couple of grown ladies sat on mine. 'twas strange, indeed. but in the end, it was fun. the kids made for a great afternoon snack. mmmmm....chocolatte covered youngsters....mmmmm....hansel and grettel...
And so my guitar is pretty nice. Alvarez. Acoustic electric. Sweet sound. Me gusta mucho.
Adios for now.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

long time comin'

It's definitely been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. Not that anyone's really reading this anyway. But just in case there is someone, I apologize. What have I been doing?
Since January 5 I have been employed by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, and because of my job, I've not actually had too much time to devote to the internet. Unless you count facebook and a dual challenge of minesweeper/backgammon against the harlequin. At TMMI I work in the Environmental department, but other than that, I've not done too much.
I have bought a few cd's and movies. And I still watch Lost. And I still love Star Wars. But mostly I just read. Which is practically what I do when I get home from work. I read. And I've read quite a bit. Quite could be a drastic understatement. All the time. I dunno how many books I've been through since I've started working. I do know that my backgammon skills have increased. And so has my communication with other skills. And I've started writing again. Not just the blog thing. This is somewhat stupid. Though the idea behind a blog is amazing, it just seems ridikulus. But I am writing on a new story, with a real outline and ideas and everything. And I've been writing songs, too. And I've been to a NickelCreek concert, as well as a John Mellencamp comcert. Sevens are still wylin out at the waterfront.