Saturday, November 15, 2008

Patrick Rothfuss

I read all the time. And I mean all the time. Typically I'm reading two or three books at a time. What kind of books do I read, you wonder? Typically fantasy and science fiction, but also quite a bit of graphic novels, classics, mystery, westerns, suspense, horror, short stories, poetry, and a very little amount of non-fiction (unless you count wikipedia).

Nevertheless, most of my life has been fantasy novels. Sadly I did not realize how similar many of these books were until I read The Name of the Wind, by Pat Rothfuss. Pat revolutionized the fantasy genre for me with this book. There's few, if any, typical fantasy cliches in his book, and I cannot remember the last book I was this pleased with a read.

Pat stole my heart and and took it along for a ride with his protagonist, Kvothe. The man's tale is full of mystery, magic, joy and grief, and love (o'course). I forced my mom to read this book (she's a non-fiction, true story reader, or horror...) and she enjoyed it. I'm reading it aloud to my wife. I've recommended it to several folks and they've all loved it. And now I recommend it to you.

Go buy "The Name of the Wind" tomorrow. Or tonight. It doesn't matter when, just the longer you wait the more you'll wish you would've got it sooner. Savor every page. And when you're done, or before you start, visit Pat's blog and check out the awesomeness that he is.

You're welcome.

EDIT: I'm not really sure why there was such a gap from when I read this book until I mentioned it on my blog.  I read Name of the Wind during the summer of 2007.  I guess I wasn't blogging frequently between then.


Captain Joe said...

YES! Yes, yes, yes.

Pat is Pat is Pat.


Krista said...

Yes, another great read of this decade. I'll be reading The Name of The Wind for the third time with my book club and it only gets better with each read.

Another great book of this decade would have to be Lamentation by Ken Scholes. This is also his first novel - though he has a website full of short stories. I highly recommend you check it out, we seem to have the same love for unparalleled authors!

logankstewart said...

Wow, this is an old post. Pat is still awesome. I have finished reading The Name of The Wind to my wife since writing this, and she loved it as well.

Never heard of Lamentation, though. I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks!

Krista said...
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Krista said...

Oh, it is an old post, isn't it?! I don't know how I got over here, to be honest. I was just a clicking and I came across Pats Face and who could pass that face by. Who, I say?

Anyway, if/when you check out Lamentation drop me a message to let me know how you like it, would you? Or just blog it up!