Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Story and the Moral

The story: There were once three brothers: Abe, Ben, and Chad. Two of them smiled all the time, and one was a sour-puss. Two of them were over six feet tall and one of them wasn't. Two of them had beautiful wives and one of them wasn't interested in love. Two of them personally had their own refrigerators and the other had to share one with his best friend. At least two of them were born before 1981, and one definitely was. Two of them could literally swim the English Channel faster than they could boat across, and the other was scared of water. One had dull eyes, one had blue eyes, and one wore colored contacts and so no one knew what color his eyes were.

Anyway, one day, these brothers decided to go on a hiking trip. They all met at the crossroads, embraced as brothers do, and set off. One of them complained the whole time, but the other two had a great time. One of them forgot to wear sunscreen and he burnt, but the other two didn't. One of them had recently had surgery and so he had a little trouble maneuvering the trails, but the other two got along just fine.

Once they made it to the top of their mountain there was a waterfall. At its base there was a big beautiful clear reservoir from the falls. One of the brothers took a picture of it, but the other two forgot their cameras. One of them called his wife and told her about it, one of them still didn't have a wife, and the other one didn't get any reception.

The Moral: Three brothers hiked up a mountain and all three peed in the water. It's that simple.

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