Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowstorm 09

This is day 2 of our crazy snow/ice storm. We received around 5 inches or so of snow and ice in various layers. Everything is crazy. Power has been out throughout the city. Of course, since I live in the world's weirdest climate, one week ago it was almost 70*F and Sunday is supposed to be almost 50*F. Hope the slide show works. If it does, I'll love Google even more than I already do.

Wow, it does work. This proves that Google is on its way to global domination. You've won my heart, Google. And the Picasa program is pretty cool. Seriously, though, this storm was absolutely wild. Really cool, but fatal, too. Be careful out there folks. Enjoy.

PS: The statue of The Thinker is one of only 4 (I think 4, give or take a few) authentic replicas in the world. Pretty cool, eh?


marky said...

The Google slide show is brilliant! I loved the picture of the branch caked in ice. You made art, good job.

logankstewart said...

Thanks, marky. Your comment has made me realize what my next post will be.