Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Importance of Time Management

Setting priorities are important in life. For example, is it better to do homework or to play a little Wii? The careful balance of these things is crucial, and I think I fair fairly well with time budgeting, but I could certainly do better. For instance, I don't spend enough time with my wonderful wife, and she deserves better than that. In fact, spending time with Keisha is something I supremely enjoy doing, but unfortunately engineering school is not the best environment for this. The fact that I'll get to spend time at home without worrying about homework and studying and instead spend time hanging out with my wife makes me even more ready to graduate.

The silence here on the blog o'er the past few days has largely been attributed to an overwhelming amount of projects and travel. Several projects are converging a bit too quickly for my comfort, but I'll manage. The light shines brighter and brighter everyday, and my attitude shifts subtly daily to reflect the ever-approaching conclusion to my formal education.

However, I never would have made it through school if I did not learn how to budget time. Time management is something people must learn to do or they will drown in the bustling waters of life. My freshman year I goofed off quite a bit and procrastinated with my work, often staying up late doing last minute homework and studying. That lifestyle quickly grew tedious and stressful, and I realized it was all my own fault. Now, as a graduate student, I still must stay up late, but not as often and usually not because of procrastination.

Living a mostly time managed life provides a less stressful environment. I don't carry an iphone or blackberry and so I don't use much technology to budget, except for Google calendar. I can urge you all, good folks, to budget your time the best you can. I've found that with effective time management then you actually have plenty of extra time left to do whatever you want, provided you don't have an extremely overwhelming amount of homework. Best of luck.


Captain Joe said...


I'm a firm believer in time management, Logan.

I find that it works well on paper, most of the time, whilst in reality The Simpsons are on and I really need to defeat the Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty 5.

marky said...

I’m with you boys. I spent five hours yesterday playing Zeus, Master of Olympus on my PC. This game is older than the hills, and if I had organized my time better I could have played it years ago....Ok, that's not your point, but I am a perennial time waster. That’s why I sell cladding for a living.
Do you ever give your Wii the time it deserves? I played Zelda to death, and I dig it out now and again for a bit of Wii fit action, but apart from that, I don't really play it much. I much prefer the PS3 or Xbox360, unless friends are up.

Sailor Matt said...

I don't spend much time playing video games these days, so I prefer the party games on the Wii. They don't require much commitment, and the family has a real good time together.

Zelda, unfortunately, is collecting dust at my house. Shame on me.

Time management is one of my biggest challenges, as well. I tend to have brilliant moments of inspiration, but very little motivational follow-through. Finding ways to re-inspire myself is a daily challenge.

logankstewart said...

Cap'n Joe: It's like walking on a fine line, carefully balancing zombies with work.

marky: I play my Wii when I can, and I loved Zelda, but I want to get a 360 or PS3, too, because of the different types of games available for those systems.

Matt: The family and party aspect of the Wii makes it fun. Getting 12 people together and playing WarioWare or Mario Part is really entertaining. But, alas, I've always had a soft spot for Nintendo in my heart.

Clocking In said...

The importance of time management would strike you at some point of your career.