Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Wild Eyed Beast

Late, again, and about time, too.
It's at the point where things blur,
where the same Radiohead song's been stuck in my head for weeks
and I'm not getting enough sleep.
I'm the wild eyed beast, best to be left alone like this.
I have to ask myself: Self, why do you do this?
After three days, the end is nigh, but it's only a partial conclusion;
The denouement comes within seventy-five days.
"Self," I answer myself. "It's because you must. You can't switch things off."
The best description is the constant turn on, turn off,
turn on, turn off,
turn on. Pause. Crash, or more like I'm drowning
in an endless ocean of work and life.
But we're all in this thing together, and so we all must drown from time to time.
I guess it's just better that way.

1 comment:

marky said...

Very nice poetry. That would make a good tune. You need to get the mandolin out and put it to music!