Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Night's Dream

I pride myself in the strange and quirky dreams I have. I also pride myself in my ability to usually remember my dreams. The good ones. The scary ones. The completely insane ones. For instance, I can still remember having this dream as a little kid where I got to join the X-Men and fight alongside them in an anti-gravity room. I remember flying around with them, fighting and saving the world. This was the cartoon X-Men, too, not the Hugh Jackman and gang group. It was the best dream I ever had, mostly because of how real it was.

But my dreams grew stranger and more off-the-wall as I aged. I won't offer any reasons for this, but it happened. Last night I had the strangest dream (I've always wanted to use that sentence).

There was a vast city under the ocean. There was my cousin Ashley. We were playing the Wii and it was of the utmost importance to beat the game we were playing. Then I was a giant octopus/squid/jellyfish thing that had to wrap all around the underwater city, needing to consume it. Ashley was doing an impossibly hard riff on Guitar Hero to beat it. Next thing I know, I'm kidnapped and doing some training for something important. Then I'm suddenly in a strange room with Keisha, and it was actually Keisha that had the training. Keisha was trying to teach me how to use the art she learned when we were attacked. (This art involved dipping Vanilla Wafers or Corn Salsa Chips into blue cake icing. You had to get the corners of the wafer or chip coated in the blue icing. Then, you would stand the weapon up on your face-up-opened hand and flick it at your target. The icing-coated projectile would then either cut through the object or turn it into a blue 2-D image that would dissolve into nothingness.) We rushed about, fighting the giant-morbidly-obese man that dragged Keisha off and up the stairs and I ran after, confused why the giant-morbidly-obese man turned into a giant-morbidly-obese woman. No matter, I dipped and threw my wafers and salsa chips in vain, and the lady dragged Keisha into the room at the top of the stairs. I was at a loss, wondering if I had dipped too much icing or not enough on the chips or wafers. I knew that the wafers were more powerful than the chips, but I didn't know why. Then I woke up.

I lay in bed and wondered what the heck that was about. It was time to get up, so I went through the morning ritual and returned to bed to lay back down for a minute or two with Keisha and Stella. Keisha woke up and said she had a really weird dream last night. "I bet it wasn't weirder than mine," I replied, then proceeded to tell her of our adventures.

"You win," she said.

I like dreaming. It's like Mr. Gump's famous box of chocolates; I know what to expect, but I never really know what exactly I'll get.


Poison said...

Dark have been my dreams of late - and yours are so damned weird. Although I had this dream once where I was wearing a hat. That's about it. Just a hat. I vividly remember it. I was wearing a blue hat. The entire dream consisted of me wearing that hat. I also remember thinking, DURING the dream...'I'm dreaming of wearing a hat.'

logankstewart said...

Strange...very strange.