Friday, June 26, 2009

Part IX--Rol (The End for Now)

----------Part IX------------
I believe in yesterday.

Rol flew through the Heavens, faster than he thought possible. Even as a god, it takes time to travel, and the universe is a large place. Small debris occasionally hit him, but he ignored the pain. He had to get to Astaran.

He passed by large chunks of rock, some bigger than planets. He passed by stars of every age, from small white balls to massive red spheres. He passed through collapsed stars, their lives ending in an implosion of mass and gravity, spewing metallic colors of blue, green, and red onto the black palette of space. Normally Rol would look on the beauties of the Heavens and Astaran’s Creation, praising God for the beauty He made.

Instead, Rol barely glimpsed the wonders of creation as he traveled, his mind intent on reaching God.

It is difficult to judge time when traveling through the Heavens. It is difficult to judge time when dealing with Immortals. Rol did not know how quickly Golian’s plan would affect the planet, but he knew that the Earth would be in trouble if he did not intervene and act quickly. He could still hear the planet’s cry in his mind…

At one point the Caretaker had to slow and skirt around a Black Pit, a prison Astaran created to punish those that transgressed His will. From Earth, the route to Astaran was direct, but very lengthy. The Heavens are enormous, and Earth is positioned near the Outer Black Territories. It is strange, thought Rol as he circumvented the prison, careful not to get within its gravitational sphere of influence, that Earth is so close to the Outer Black. A planet so far from Astaran somehow rises above the expectations. Perhaps the Steward has been tainted, being so close to the Territories, and that is why he insists on destroying the planet. But what could be influencing Golian from within the pull?

Eventually the Caretaker made his way through the Black Pit region. He flashed on through the Heavens, stars and planets streaking by him as he continued inward, his mind troubled.


Well folks, I hope you've enjoyed my little short story. Part IX is the end of "Working Title TBD" Volume 1. Perhaps I've piqued your interest, perhaps I've bored you to tears. Either way, it's been fun writing. Everyone loves a little zombie story, and I think a zombie-fantasy-scifi work should be a different genre in its own right. I've already written more past this part, but I'll post no more here (at least not for now). Maybe I'll do like Cap'n Joe's and post on Authonomy (which, by the way Cap'n, I've not managed to finish your work, but I've liked what I've read so far) sometime in the future. I'm up to around 13,000 words or so. Not high quality words, mind you, but words that make some sort of sense. Anyway, thanks for reading everybody. Truly. And, as always, thanks for stopping by Rememorandom.

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Krista said...

I have enjoyed your story all the way through!Great job!

Hey, I also finished up The Strain and it was really good. Some crazy vampire zombie action! I would like to see it made into a movie, though! I think it would be way cool with some back ground hard core music, LOL!