Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Topeka, KS (or A World of Wishing)

I've never been to Kansas. Heck, I've only crossed the Mississippi River twice, and both times was to St. Louis. One of those trips was to the Red Bull National Downhill Soap Box Car Derby. That was a crazy trip. Three buds and myself all bought mullet wigs and headed to the Derby. The event is pretty crazy, with people dressed up all wild and funny. And the soap box cars were decked even wilder than others.

Anyway, the point is, I haven't traveled very much in my twenty-three years. I went to Washington DC for a week, but I was in 7th grade and it was a school trip. I've been to Cincinnati a few times, to Reds games, Kings Island, or concerts. I've been to Florida, and I've been in the ocean. I even went to Disney. But, sadly, I've not ventured too far west. I've covered an adequate amount of the Appalachian region, and that's about it.

I do long to travel and see all that I can see. I want to visit the Grand Canyon, and stand on the side, looking down. I want to see water so blue and green that I feel like I'm in paradise. I want to go to New York City, just to see the enormity of it. I would love to visit Egypt, see the pyramids and immerse myself in history. Rome, Venice, and Florence would be nice getaways. Paris is beautiful, or at least it's made to appear that way. Germany would be nice, too.

But the real place I want to go is Great Britain. First, I'd see Stonehenge. Then, I'd head east, over to Oxford and absorb the history. Once finished, I'd travel up to London, staying a few days, maybe checking out Abbey Road. And then I want to travel on up the country and enter into Scotland, but stopping by Cambridge on the way. I want to experience the rich fields. I want to see the coast. I want to walk in a pub and order something. And once I'm finished with Scotland, I'd head west and stop on the Isle of Man, where I would contemplate and meditate for a while. Lastly, I'd visit Ireland, as it's but a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the Isle. There, I'd learn all I could of Irish culture.

Finally, I'd lose myself in the language. I would learn and master Gaelic from the Scots and Irish. Then, some time later, I would emerge, a new and different Logan. I would return home, to America, to Kentucky, and impress everyone with my world-traveling and stories. I would tell the little ones Old Stories, intending to teach them lessons.

Aye, it would be very nice to go and see. Mayhap one day I will.

*-*-Post Script: I hope you've enjoyed the story so far. I'll post Part V sometime soon, hopefully.

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Krista said...

Yes, I want to travel way more than I have, that's for sure!

I actually just got back from Disney World not too long ago, and boy was it fun!

I've been to the Grand Canyon, however, I was much too young to remember the experience. One day, though, I hope to go back.

New York is one place I've always wanted to go and hope to next year, so excited! I would also love to get out of the Country, too. That would be fun!

I guess I'm saying your not alone!