Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Way of the Gods

Part three. This makes sense to me, but if it is confusing to you fine folks, would ya let me know? May it do ya fine and I'll Say Thankee-Sai. Thankee Big Big. If you've not read the first few parts, they are here and here.

-------------------------------Part III-----------------------------

I believe in yesterday…

High above the surface of the planet, everything appeared peaceful. The land was a vibrant lifesource, full of creatures great and small. The seas were a brilliant blue, reflecting blinding white light into the air. A gentle wind was blowing, moving the clouds in a circular pattern. Yes, everything appeared peaceful.

Appearances are quite deceptive.

Two figures hovered in the upper layers of the atmosphere, where the blackness of space separates the whites of the protective atmospheric shells. One, garbed in blacks and greens, stayed within the confines of the planet; the other, robed in white and gold, remained on the other side of the boundary.

“It has started,” announced the dark one nonchalantly.

“Yes. It has started.” The two regarded one another for a moment, then turned their gaze toward the planet.

“They will consume themselves, and there is nothing you can do about it. My sickness is already spreading among the inhabitants.”

The bright one frowned deeply. As he did, the stars themselves seemed to dim. “Do not discount their ability to persevere, Steward. They have survived scourges and famines and plagues before, if you recall.”

“I recall,” hissed the dark one. The clouds darkened behind the god in his anger. “But this one is different. I have spent countless years working on this. The fall of mankind is coming, Rol.”

Rol smiled, and with it, the stars grew a bit brighter. “I fear you are wrong, Steward. Perhaps you will succeed in destroying millions, maybe even billions, but you will not annihilate their spirit. They are notoriously full of surprises.”

The dark one moved closer to the boundary, motioning for Rol to come close. “Does it bother you that you cannot cross the boundary, Caretaker? That Astaran Himself set this gulf between us, giving me freedom to rule this planet as I see fit?” The dark one was smiling a wicked smile. Lightning was flashing below. “Since the Beginning, you’ve been unable to come into my domain and I yours. But this time, Rol, you will not win. This plan is fullproof. And once it is over, I will be free.”

Rol smiled even wider, and with it the sun blazed. “We shall see.”

The two remained there for a span of days. Occasionally, the dark one would smirk or laugh to Rol. “See here, Rol! In just three days the world has been decimated. It will not last much longer, I’ll wager.”

The planet no longer seemed as peaceful as it once had. Massive conflagrations could be seen making their way across the plains. The seas were darker, choppier. And the clouds were thick, dark clouds, full of thunder and rain. Rol watched the planet with a deep compassion for the people. He was charged with being the Caretaker of the Heavens, while the other was given the Stewardship of the Planet. The people of this planet, one called Earth, had become a favorite of his. Like many other creatures from many other planets, they sought to leave their planets and venture into the Heavens. Very few, however, had actually succeeded in this feat. The people of Earth, however, had managed to make it out of their atmosphere on several occasions, and gone as far as landing on their Moon. Rol assumed that the zeal to destroy Earth the Steward exhibited was twofold, one because he could not leave the planet, and the other was pure jealousy. In Earth’s early days, the inhabitants did not even dream of things outside their planet; now, they dreamt of things outside their galaxy.

The Caretaker could understand their dreams. He knew what was outside their system of planets. He had been to every system Astaran had created. He had been working in each of them since the Beginning. He had seen the beauty in each and every planet Astaran created. Rol was allowed to visit each planet only one time, recording the planets details, and then the boundary would appear, blocking him from entering again and confining the Steward.

It was during this period, while Rol was on Earth, that he deposited his gift to the planet. Astaran, in His wisdom, had ordained the Caretaker a sacred and secret duty. Though he could not directly interfere with the planet, he could provide a chance for it. His blessing would be bestowed upon an inhabitant, and ultimately spread amongst the nations. The Steward was often unaware of this gift, as typically it remained dormant. However, there were things Rol could do to enact the blessing…

They hovered above the planet. Storms raged below them, obscuring their view. “People are following me again, Rol. They are following me for reasons I am not responsible for. Certain abilities have been manifesting among the people, and I have been taking credit for the powers.” The Caretaker listened, slightly concerned. Perhaps some of the inhabitants have had reasons to need the powers? The dark one’s smile grew darker. “I will break free from this planet, Rol. And when I do, you will die.”

“Listen to me, Golian,” bellowed the Caretaker. Behind him, the sun flared in response. “You will fail in your endeavor. Astaran made you Steward of this planet, and you are trying to kill it. You will—“

“You do not know everything, Rol. Only Astaran is omniscient, and He knows what I am up to. Do you think that I would be able to rebel if Astaran did not will it? You are a proud fool, Caretaker. We were all made for a reason, and I am being true to myself.”

“You are wrong,” said Rol. Even as he said it, he knew he had no argument. No substantiating evidence. He had only his faith in Astaran. He knew the things the Steward said were untrue, but he needed proof. Immediately, he knew what he must do. “I will return, Golian. And you will suffer for your actions. It was the pain of the planet that drew me here, and I will not let it fall.”

With that, he turned and sped off into the Heavens, like a streak of light across the night sky. The dark one laughed a sinister laugh, calling after his enemy. “You can try, Rol. But you best hurry!”


Krista said...

I understood it quite well and once again I really enjoyed it! The Gods are a really cool idea, by the way.

logankstewart said...

As always, a hearty thank you. Part 4 is in the "double-check-and-doubt-myself" phase.

marky said...

All good, dude! Do I take it that these guys are responsible for the zombie situation that has reared its ugly head on Earth?

Damn space men! Always trying to destroy our planet. Really, you'd think they'd have better things to do.

One hopes some sort of hero will save the day!

Great work as usual Sir. Keep on keeping on.

logankstewart said...

You may be on the right track of thinking, Marky. Then again, it could be an elaborate rouse...