Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First September Morning

Happy September One, everybody. Today is the International Planetary Convetical on Sar-al-Hai, the National Internal Convention on Ahl-sai-Hay, and Labor Day's Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve here in His Majesty's Empire, the great and famous United States of America. Odd's are, you just thought it was another day, albeit the first one in September, unless you don't celebrate September One and instead live in your own universe where there is an August Thirty-Two. If that's the case, I'm not sure how to proceed.

Have you all seen the previews to the movie 9? I would embed it here, but YouTube prohibits it, telling me that I can't do that for some strange reason. I don't know why that is. To my understanding, YouTube and Google are thick-as-thieves and owned by the same folks, so everything should be intermixable. Well, I'll just have to link it again, here. The movie looks awesome. It's produced by Tim Burton, the mastermind behind so many awesome films that I won't even mention a single one of them. The film is insanely animated, and the CGI is mind blowing. The story is quite epic, too, involving some strange mommet named 9, looking to survive after the fall of humanity in a ruined and deadly earth. It encounters death at every turn and it's quest seems bleak, thus it is truly epic in scale. I recommend watching the trailer just to see how beautiful the film looks. 9 comes to theaters on 9/9/09.

Last night I joined the Yellowbanks Dulcimer Society. I'm probably 30-40 years younger than every other member, and to my knowledge, there are only 3 other males in the group of fifteen or so. But I had fun, even if it was a tad slow at first. Eventually we got to the music part, whereupon I was blown away by the speed and skill of the dulcimer players in the room. I can play my dulcimer very slowly, but I want to get better, so I joined with hopes of improving my skill and learning these old songs. (I also brought my guitar and played a little rhythm on a few songs, adding a bit of diversity to the dulcimer-filled room.)

By the end of the day I should be at around 90% on my ipod journey.

I got a new book in the mail yesterday. It's my second book that I'll be reviewing for Thomas Nelson Books, a Christian publishing company. This book is called Called To Worship, and it explores worship throughout the Bible. I'm looking forward to jumping on this as soon as I finish Before They Are Hanged. (Thanks to Shellie for sending me the link on how to become a Book Review Blogger for Thomas Nelson. You can check her blog out here. She churns out book reviews left and right.) If you're interested in getting free books and reviewing for Thomas Nelson Books, there's a HTML box at the bottom of my blog you can follow.

How about we end this post with a poem, celebrating the day?

It's September One today.
What else is there to say?
Should I investigate the way
that I can keep up in this fray?
How much should I really weigh
on September One's day?
The sky is blue, not grey,
heartburn and reflux is not OK
and I hope it's not here to stay.
So now I leave you, If I may,
And bid you all a pleasant, fond, and strange September One Day.


Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Hey Logan thanks for the mention. :)
I have a brand new blogger for you to follow. I am her only follower at the moment. I have her as a friend on goodreads as well.
She is also doing review for Thomas Nelson as well.

David Wagner said...

A dulcimer? That rocks.

I think I'll check out the book reviewer thing myself... it might surprise you to learn I enjoy reading, and can write stuff... :)

Nice stab at a poem. And what's with all those references in your opening sentence? Sci-Fi book of some sort?

logankstewart said...

@Shellie: No problem, Shellie. I'm now following the recommended blog.

@David: Dulcimers...rock...har. Aye, I thought you may be interested in the Thomas Nelson book review blogging world. Aye aye, 'twas just a meager stab at rhyme. As for the opening sentence, I was really, really struggling for an opening. Sometimes, I find it helps just to start writing, for better or for worse, whether it's completely fabricated or 100% legit.

Krista said...

9 looks really cool! Poems great, too!