Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Great Cheesecake Experiment

It's Wednesday, and that means that Keisha's going to be at UofL until tomorrow night, leaving me alone with my long list of things to accomplish. Tonight, I've decided to watch some more Avatar and try my hand at baking a cheesecake.

I consider myself competent at cooking, though I have to admit that my wife is far superior to my feeble skills. However, I got it in my head that I wanted to make a cheesecake, so I looked for a recipe and found the perfect one: the Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Layered Cheesecake. I'm making it all from scratch, so it should be an eventful night for me and Stella.

Chocolate is perhaps one of Man's greatest inventions, especially dark chocolate. Sure, milk chocolate is great when mixed with nuts or peanut butter or something, but given the choice, dark chocolate is better in every way. The soothing-sweet-and-bitter creaminess of the dark is pure ecstasy to the tongue and addicting to the psyche.

I should acknowledge the significance of the day. Nine-nine-oh nine. It's been a year, a month, and a day since the last time something like this happened, but Nines are so much cooler than Eights. Today the entire remastered Beatles catalog is released, giving fans a chance to hear the albums how they were meant to be heard. Unfortunately, these cds are rather pricey, so I'll probably pass on them. Rock Band: The Beatles also comes out today, but I don't want to shell out money for Rock Band (I've grown rather tired of Guitar Hero as it is), so I'll pass. 9 comes out today, but I think I'll wait until the weekend and take Keisha to see it with me.

I'm currently trying to figure out the distance to use for my overland flow calculations. I understand the channel length parameter, but the overland flow is rather ambiguous here.

Now for a character discussion point from Before They Are Hanged. (This should be SPOILER-free, but the discourse in itself could be revealing, thus actually making it a SPOILER. If you've not read BTAH, I'd skip it.)

Quai: At first, I thought Quai was like the weak side-kick character, frail and untried. However, after many different descriptions of him throughout the journey in BTAH, I feel that there is something more to him. He looks with beady and mistrusting eyes, and is often silent and reclusive. I suspect he has doubts about his master and he wonders how much of what Bayaz is telling him is true. It will be exciting to read The Last Argument of Kings and see how he fares.

In case you're interested and unaware, you can sign up for an Amazon mailing list where they mail you their current music promotions, often titled 50 MP3 Albums for $5 Each. If you're okay with MP3s, then I recommend you check it out. The previous link will take you to the current offerings.

Wish me luck on the Great Cheesecake Experiment. I may have to take a picture and show it off, if I find it satisfactory. Remember, the US Open is on, and professional tennis is amazing.


Krista said...

oh, I LOVE cheesecake! Yummy, I wish you the best of luck! I wannna see how it turns out too!

Also, I wanna know how you like Avatar.

Tell Keisha to have a safe and wonderful trip!

All the best!

Crystal said...

Good Luck with the Cheesecake!! I expect to see pics of such greatness!

David Wagner said...
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David Wagner said...

Yay! A post chock full of randomness! I taught you that! Man, where to start...

I've never been able to stomach more than a bite or two of cheesecake. For some reason, it doesn't agree with me... good luck on making one, though...

I notice you didn't mention the hellspawn that is white chocolate. Milk chocolate is good, dark is far superior... white is an abomination...

I was browsing and contemplating remastered Beatles last night myself... I wish they'd sell them on iTunes... I've gotten so used to going straight to iPod with my music; it's hard to go back to CDs...

Your thoughts on Quai are astute... but he's not the one that will surprise you most when certain things are revealed... MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

I'll definitely check out that MP3 albums link, thanks..

logankstewart said...

@Krista: Avatar has so far been okay. It's funny, and the story is compelling, so I'm sticking with it.

@Crystal: Now I'll have to take pictures regardless of its turnout. Hopefully it's not a mush of tasty-but-unformed cheesecake.

@David: Shame on you for not liking cheesecake. As for white chocolate, I simply forgot about it. White is good in small moderation, but that's about it. And, I'll have more speculation on other characters (Jezal, Bayaz, Logen, Ferro, and Glokta) with other posts.