Friday, October 02, 2009

Three Quick Things

Joe Purdy has just announced (a few days ago) his tour dates for the first leg of his US solo tour. I've long said that if he comes to a concert that's relatively close then I'm going. So I've bought tickets for the Nashville show. The price is an unbelievably low $10. You can click here to find tickets, and be sure to check back soon for the rest of his tour dates. If he comes around you, I'd strongly consider checking him out. I've got two live albums from him, and both are amazing. (If you're interested in obtaining a free, legal, legit copy of either or both of these albums, let me know and I'll email you a link. Joe supports sharing!) And if you don't know who Joe Purdy is, click here for access to all of his catalog, or click here to read my thoughts, or here for a similar sounding post on Joe.

If you watch Austin City Limits on PBS, you may be interested to know that Dave Matthews Band will be playing a new show tomorrow night. The concert starts at 7pm CST. It should be pretty cool.

Also, Sunday night on PBS will feature an exciting show about Mammoth Cave, the largest cave system in the world located in Kentucky. As a Kentucky resident, I've been to the Cave a few times, and it's awesome. The show should be pretty cool, as they're showing never before seen stuff. It also comes on at 7pm CST.


Crystal said...

Thanks for the DMB info. I will set my DVR. I'm sure the hubby will be watching a college football game at that time.

logankstewart said...

You're welcome, and enjoy the concert.

David Wagner said...

Those Mammoth Caves are cooooool... I'd love to come out and visit them.

logankstewart said...

Mammoth Cave is awesome. Since it's a National Park, it's cheap to enter and there are a ton of things to do. I've been on a few different tours to the caves, and each one's pretty cool. Many of the caves have different histories and legends to them, and there have been a few deaths from early explorers (I know of at least one, but there may be more). If your family ever decides to take a National Park tour, definitely consider Mammoth Cave.

Okie said...

Cool...I'll have to look for the Cave show. I've heard cool things about Mammoth. It's on my list.

As a heads up, I've awarded you a blog award...stop by my blog to pick it up. :)

logankstewart said...

Okie: I tried to watch it, but the show didn't come on. Maybe it was localized, or maybe I had a wrong date/time? I'll have to scout PBS more closely.

Thanks for the award, too!