Thursday, December 17, 2009

Totally the BEST Post You’ll Ever Read, An Amazing Happenstance

Okay, not so amazing.  But still cool.  The gas station that I usually buy my morning drink from had 12-packs of Mtn. Dew Game Fuel for $.99.  That’s outrageous!  So instead of purchasing a 44oz drink for $1.05, I instead bought 144oz in twelve aluminum cans for $1.05, a much better deal.  How totally awesome and radical is that?

Probably few of you have seen this commercial, but I happen to like it.  There’s a bit of controversy surrounding it, saying that it detracts from the sanctity and holiness of Christmas.  Personally, I have no problem with it, and I think the jingle is totally awesome and radical.  Beware, it can get stuck in your head.  And it’s only 34 seconds long.

Bah, I guess folks just need a reason to stir up trouble. 

I’m so totally digging Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker right now.  Like, I mean, if I could either spend a day body surfing with friendlies of the ocean and ruling them like Poseidon or read this book, I’d totally go with the popcorn, man.  Cause I love to eat popcorn and read, that is.

My enthusiasm for Oblivion has waned.  I’ve put in, like, somewhere around 55hrs now, but I’ve done next to nothing on the Main Quest.  Yet I’m still playing it, whenever I get the time.  And I still die or nearly die quite often, too, even though I’m a freaking totally awesome powerful level 22 Nord.  I did see that Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled for release next spring, and it looks flipping sweet, dudes.

That’s really about it.  Me and my home dawg Alex recorded a song that sounds hip.  It’s our take on the old gospel song “Heaven Came Down.”  If I wanted I could post that up here, but I’ll wait.  I think we’re going to try to video record ourselves at some point, plus A-dog is possibly getting a new acoustic-electric bass.

If you need a few blogs to read or sites to check out, I’ve got some for you.  They’ll mess you up, man.  Like snorting LCD-laced mushrooms mess-you-up.  The first one,, is not posted daily, but still relatively frequently.  If you like that odd, random humor, it’s fantastic.  I nearly died at work reading this post yesterday.  The other one,, is an older site, but still totally gut-rolling laughter+fear inducing.  There are too many good pictures to choose from to link to, so I’ll pick this one as a taste of what you can expect.

So, uh, that’s like, it.  Peace out.  Love in.  Joy to that guy who took away your futon…


Crystal said...

I love Awkward Family Photos!! One of these days I'm going to see my family on that site....

David Wagner said...

Great links, thanks. I've seen a couple of those Tripp videos before, glad to find them again.

You haven't done the main quest in Oblivion yet? May I take a moment and recommend it. Have you at least got to the part where the Oblivion gates open around the countryside? Man, you can get some great loot in those places, plus they'll be challenging for your Nord. Also, the main quest finale is pretty awesome, especially if you like dragons...

Great post today, you rock.

logankstewart said...

@Crystal: Yeah, I should definitely put up one of me as a little redhead-rattailed, TMNT Tee-shirt wearing boy.

@David: Yeah, opening the Oblivion gates was the last main thing I did. I've closed the one near Kvatch, which I found slightly difficult. I think I'll be entering an Oblivion gate the next time I play, though, cause I need some Bloodgrass to cure my vampirism. (I've thought about not getting it cured and keep the perks from being a vampire, and I've been one for a very long time now, but I think I'll cure myself.) Perhaps soon I'll start back up with the Main Quest.