Saturday, December 05, 2009

Weekend Special #5

Back in July I started a Weekend Special post series. The purpose was to generate book discussion, or to share your thoughts/musings on whatever you're currently reading, writing, or working on. Of course, this also allowed you to see what other people were reading/writing/working on, thus giving you a chance to comment, too, if you so chose. So, in remembrance of that old time, I give you another Weekend Special.

Feel free to add your own current thoughts. And remember, if you're posting a spoiler, please mark it appropriately.

I'm currently reading Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker. I've had this book setting on my shelf for a very long time, just waiting patiently to get to it. I'm on page 171. These are my current thoughts. (Beware, if you've not read the book, you may wish to not read my thoughts, as they could possibly contain spoilers.)

Vahr: I know very, very little of him still. The prologue was very exciting, and Nightblood has me intrigued. The last thing I read of him was that he was spying on Vivenna at the Court of Gods. I suspect the sword is somehow related to the Colors and the religions, possibly as an anathema or a talisman.

Siri: I feel a bit sorry for her, but I think she's headstrong and smart. I suspect she'll get involved with Lightsong somehow, or that the servants will involve her in their plots.

Vivenna: She definitely loves her country and her sister, though her formality and training puts her at a disadvantage to Siri. She'll likely cause problems in T'Telir.

Lightsong: His flippant and carefree ways are slightly aggravating, yet I can tell he has a heart. Perhaps he will eventually sacrifice himself to heal someone (maybe even Siri or Vivenna?), as it's evident he has problems with his deification. I hope he eventually gets serious, or I fear I may tire of his character.

Susebron, the God King: I am most intrigued by this mysterious figure. He's present on nearly every page, yet Sanderson has barely described him at all. I want to learn more about him. Is he more than what everyone says he is? Is he a Lifeless? Does he care about Siri? I am eager to find out more about him.

So far, I really like the way religion is a playing factor in the world. Of course, I expected this beautiful, logical system from Sanderson. I particularly like how well, how colorful, Sanderson's writing is, and his descriptions of colors are fresh and simple. I like the concept of Breath, and I look forward to discovering more benefits of the Heightening stages.

So, truly, I've not said much. I've voiced a few of my suspicions and a few of my impressions, but I've said nothing of substance. All in all, I'm looking forward to reading more of this book and seeing if Sanderson can keep up his awesome reputation. (I'm sure he won't disappoint.)


David Wagner said...

I haven't read it yet, but it's on my shortlist... so I'm afraid to read your post! Are there any spoilers in it, eh?

logankstewart said...

David: I probably wouldn't read it, but there aren't any real spoilers. Just my thoughts.

Krista said...

Awesome!! I don't think you'll be disappointed at all! :)

I really loved this magic system, too, very breath-taking. :) Oh man, thinking back on this book I just know you're going to be hit with a few surprises! :)

Okay, so I went back and found my discussion questions/thoughts from a few months ago for up to pg 152. It's gonna be a long one so I hope you don't mind! Also, some might be a little bit of what you have said here already. We had some similar thoughts it seems... :)

P.S. Because it's so long I have to use two comments sorry! LOL! :)

Krista said...

David or Anyone else "WARNING" SPOILERS AHEAD DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN TO PG 152 Yet! __________________________

Vasher, our mysterious and dangerous character. He seems to be a man that can find things out and get things done. Especially with the help of his handy dandy sword, Nightblood, who seems to be able to get him out of tight spots at times. I really enjoy their bond and charismatic relationship between each other. Vasher and Nightblood are the characters I find myself most wanting to follow and find out what they're getting into, or what their up to. Vasher seems to have a plan forming or already formed, but what is it? Is he going to be our warrior, or will he have his own agenda to pertain to?

Siri, she has to be one of my favorite Girl characters of Sanderson's. She has been dealt a hand she was not ready for or prepared to face, but still she seems to be holding her own. High spirited and won't take the God Kings taunts even if it costs her her life. Will she survive? A big question for me is, why won't the God King bed her? Does he like her? Is there a bigger plan behind it? She can't be the Vessel the people want her to be if the God King won't bed her. What will the people say when she doesn't end up pregnant? Will this be the start of a war? This seems to be a big piece of the overall puzzle for the God King, Siri and her safety. One more thing I love about her and her sister is their hair! lol! I wish I could grow and change my hair color at will and I really love this idea, totally awesome!! Sanderson Rocks! lol!

The God King, besides what I have stated above about him, I'm wondering if he's as bad as everyone thinks he is? And what his overall motives are?

Lightsong, I think he has a good heart, but is trying so hard to cover it up with his comedic and non caring personality. He seems to care for the people, but he just doesn't want to give his breath away that in the end will kill him. I'm wondering, though - in the end will his heart prevail, and he'll end up giving his last breath away to someone he has come to love or care about deeply? Also, his dreams seem to be of importance as well, but what does it all mean? The other thing I'm wondering is what does this group of Gods want, are they trying to overthrow the God King, or is it something else? Will Lightsong help them, or will he have a greater part to play?

Vivenna, she is my least favorite character in Warbreaker so far. I know she has come to "save" her sister, but it seems to me for more selfish reasons. She doesn't know what to do now that the thing she has been training for all her life has been taken away. She feels she has lost her importance in life. I think she has come to rescue her sister to have this feeling of importance return to her. But I can understand this feeling she has--To have trained 27 years of your life and then on a whim have it all taken away from you. Knowing all the time spent studding and practicing for this day, and in the end that day never comes. It would be a hard thing to digest, so I think she's hopping to take her sisters place in the end, to end up where she feels she should be. The one question I have for her is, What will she do with all this breath she has been given? Will it be her backbone, or will it be her doom? The

Mercenaries, they are really quite funny and I've had a hard time figuring them out. I'm wondering what kind of characters they will be in the end?

(On a Side note: Sanderson seems to have a funny backbone, in my opinion. We had Keliser, Breeze, and Ham in Mistborn. Sarene's family, Raoden, and Galladon were quite funny at times as well in Elantris. Now we have several characters who have comedic personalities in Warbreaker. In my opinion, I find Sanderson's humor to be quite funny and entertaining!)

Krista said...

And there you have it! Krista's Discussion process 101! LOL! I hope you enjoyed it and I'd be more than happy to go back and forth with you on this one while you're reading it! :) Loved this book and your thoughts! :)

Sorry I had to use three comments! I guess it was a lil long. lol. :)

logankstewart said...

Krista: Aye, it does seem like we've had similar thoughts on these characters, though I did forget to include my thoughts on the Mercenaries. I agree, Sanderson does seem to include some comedic characters in his books, and the humor is typically pretty funny.

I definitely can't wait to find out more about Vasher and Nightblood, and the God King will be nice to learn more about, too.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll possibly/probably put up another Weekend Special next weekend with more thoughts about where I am in Warbreaker, and we can have more book discussion!