Friday, January 29, 2010

A Daily Dose of Aimlessness; A Taste of Things to Come

First—the taste!  Oh sweet, sweet taste, like a warm and gooey Pop-Tart® on an oatmeal-less morning.  Like Sarah McLachlan fumbling towards ecstasy, only to find that it’s not really Sarah McLachlan or ecstasy, but the Great Somnambulist eating a warm and gooey Pop-Tart®.  Finally the long wait draws near an end.  Soon, oh so soon, does it begin anew, afresh, again.  I’m talking about Lost’s final season, folks, and I think it’s obvious I’m excited.

Here on Rememorandom I’ll likely be postulating my theories on each episode.  For those of you that read my blog and don’t like Lost, you’ll likely not read these posts, and that’s fine by me.  I’d rather you not than have the greatest show on television ruined for you.  For those of you that watch Lost religiously, like I do—where you demand absolute silence, high-definition, crisp audio, a bag of popcorn, a comfy seat, a beautiful spouse, and a wonderful puppy—then I hope you find it in your heart to postulate with me.

That’s the beauty of Lost.  The fandom is huge.  The enthusiasm of the fans is overwhelming.  The creativity of the fans is inspiring and wonderful.  Check out The Lost Underground Art Show if you want to see some awesome fan art, which was commissioned by Lost’s producers.

Hoist up the John B. Sail!  (Is that an acceptable transitional phrase?)  I went to the gas station yesterday and bought a pop.  The lady in front of me bought a lottery ticket.  She won $500.  The cashier gave her 25 $20 bills.  The winner, an elderly lady, didn’t look very excited.  If I’d’ve been her, I probably would’ve been jumping around the gas station like an excited bunny rabbit, glad to be emancipated from the vile clutches of the Evil Cage.  But she didn’t seem like she cared.  I cared.

Hoist up the John B. Sail!  (Uh?)  I got my guitar fixed.  For free.  I took it to a different shop and the guy looked at it, fiddled with it, turned some knobs, plugged it up, and it worked.  He said dust was likely the culprit.  And to think, the local guy wanted to charge me $50 just for looking at it.  Sheesh.

Hoist up the John B. Sail!  (I still don’t know if that’s an ok transy phrase.)  My love affair with parentheses (totally the coolest of all punctuation marks) will never end.  (Why should it?  Supplemental, useless information is always welcome here.)

Hoist up the John B. Sail!  (I don’t care.  It’s a great transition.)  I did something last weekend that I haven’t done since The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which was 2006.  I reserved a video game.  Final Fantasy XIII.  The game looks beautiful.  And it’s enormous.  And it’s Final Fantasy.  I bought XII but I’ve never had time to sit down and play it.  One day, hopefully.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to playing the game.

Hoist up the John B. Sail!  Jai guru deva om.  Nothing’s gonna change my world.  I finished Firefly last night.  So sad.  I know I’ve already said it, but I can’t see why the show was canned (other than Fox’s horrible choices of airing episodes out of order, among other things).  Each character was memorable and intriguing.  There was humor.  There was camaraderie.  There was a vast universe to explore and a load of story to uncover, but it all vanished.  There’s nothing to do about it now except watch Serenity and hope it wraps up some of the loose ends.

Hoist up the John B. Sail!  I took the test to get on Jeopardy last night.  I made homemade shrimp scampi, which wasn’t the best ever, but definitely not the worst, either.

Hoist up the John B. Sail!  Goodbye JD Salinger.  Thanks for making a great and inspiring novel.  Catcher didn’t have a huge impact on me, like it did so many others, but it did help some world-view thoughts start a-churning in the head.  And reading it as a teenager was perfect.

Hoist up the John B. Sail!


Bilski said...

Oh Logan, I wish you and Keisha were still here in Louisville so we could have one of our LOST viewing parties again!

Did you hear that the UofL IT department is going to broadcast the 3hr premier on their 60sqft video wall? AWESOME

Oh, and I prefer to use the perfectly logical and exclamatory segway, "VIVIKA A FOX!" before making any comments on the weather.

logankstewart said...

Bill: Aye, it's a shame we all can't watch the final season together. We've watched pretty much all of the other five together, either in the dorms, at mine & William's place, or your place. Enjoy the huge screen!

VIVIKA A FOX! The snow's a-coming. Logical, yes. Subtle, not so much.

David Wagner said...

Beach Boys and Beatles references, in the same post? Nice!

The first season of LOST was perfection in TV form. The second season was good but not great. The rest has felt like they were making it up as they went.

I'd love to hear your theory as to why the island disappeared at the end of season 4, and in Season 5 stayed put while it's inhabitants traveled through time... that's a pantload of the steaming variety, if you ask me. I made it through about 6 episodes of Season 5 before finally giving up on the show.

On your list of requirements for watching an episode of LOST? Good thing those aren't my requirements, because I'd be 0 for 7...

Good luck on the Jeopardy thing.

It's 2 am... why am I still up?

logankstewart said...

It was agreed that Season 5 was the best one since Season 1, especially once it picked up steam. The finale set the stage for what everything revolves around, and it was an amazing episode.

I'm inclined to believe the writers, back when they said it years ago and announced that there was a definite ending and a definite time scale (6 Seasons), that they've known where they were going all along, with no need to make up stuff along the way. If they had their goal for the end of the show then there's no need for it. (Of course, there are plenty who disagree, and that's fine by me.)

As for my list of 7 requirements. Maybe you should read that list again, especially like #6 & #5. Surely you've got those, right?

And thanks for answering my unasked question. I've always wondered how my time stamp worked. You said it's 2am when you wrote this. My time stamp says its 4am. So it converts everything to my time zone for when you post, which is interesting.

I'm hungry now...

Kristopher A. Denby said...

I'll admit, I only read the first couple of sentences of this one before quitting for the comment section. I haven't watched all of Lost, but I have a mind to rent them on Netflix. It was something I always wanted to watch, but just never had the patience or the desire to be in front of the tv at any given time on any given day. And I didn't have any kind of DVR when the show started.

So, I'll skip this and perhaps some day you and I can dish on things Lost. The catching up that I'll have to do is a bit daunting, though.

logankstewart said...

If you want a phenomenal adventure story with more than a little mystery and humor, then Lost is the show for you.

You didn't miss anything with the rest of the post, either. Just a bunch of pointless babble.

Hope all's well!

David Wagner said...

Pointless babble! I taught you that!

Nope, still 0 for 7...