Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Egads, man!  It’s not like I’m trying to go all random on you, but it just happens, y’know?  Like rain.  It just happens.  Just every once in a while my brain kicks in all random-like and stuff.  But what do you expect?  My blog’s not called Rememorandom for nothing.  First off, there’s an artist who’s captured my heart.  Ever wondered what STAR WARS would look like in a steampunk setting?  Yeah, me neither, but this guy did, and it’s awesome.
steampunk star wars
If you click on that picture or the link above you can find out more about the designer, and other works he’s done.  For those nerds out there, you’ll enjoy, as the man did some DC and Marvel characters, too.  I really like the Obi-Wan, the Stormtrooper, and Grand Moff Tarkin.  All are awesome, though.
Ever just have one of those days when a song plays over and over and over and over in your head, always the same line.  No?  Ok.  Never mind then.

Me and Alex have been working on making our own music, writing our own songs and stuff.  We’ve got one demo out right now, based on Isaiah 57:14-21.  Maybe we’ll get a finished product over the next week or two and I’ll post it up here.  I find it easier to write poetry as opposed to songs, usually, but I’m trying.
Speaking of poetry, how about I post up “isabella’s secret pt.1”?  Y’know, so you won’t think I’m all bent on dark stuff.  Cause “see the man” was dark, dude.  Dark as the outer darkness of space.  This one has a different tone.
"jetson mancer" or "isabella's secret pt. 1"

jetson mancer
was a dancer
that's how he spent his nights.
making money
with his honey
isabella poorsight.
he was comely
she was homely
but soon the two were wed.
'ere long he'd cheat
and oft repeat
with women in his bed.
had one fella
that was jetson mancer
she could not see
the treachery
and sadly got the cancer

If you’re interested, between those two poems you should be able to piece together what’s coming in Part 2.
You guys and gals wanna see the homemade muffins I made?  And by homemade I mean homemade.  From scratch.  No boxes and such rubbish.  I found the recipe from a new blogger’s site here, thought it looked good, and decided to make ‘em.  The recipe was pretty simple and it made one dozen like it was supposed to, but I lost two due to crumbling.  I guess I didn’t let them sit long enough in the trusty Pampered Chef stoneware muffin tin.  Anyway, this is how they turned out.  Rather tasty and fancy, if you ask me.  Check out the blog and the recipe if’n you’re hankering for something delicious.
muffins2 muffins3

The cold spell’s sitting strong here in Kentucky.  Heck, in most of the US it’s cold.  I guess that’s why it’s called winter?  It snowed somewhere between two to four inches last night, but thankfully most of the roads were navigable.

I got an email from the library letting me know that the complete series of Firefly is now available to me.  As a Buffy and Dr. Horrible fan, I just had to get it and watch it, especially since it’s got a huge following.
Another new blog I’ve started following is The Sound and the Fury of Kristopher A. DenbyMr. Denby shares his thoughts and ideas on various things one typically shares their thoughts and ideas on, like music, books, movies, politics, etc., but I really like his opinions.  Plus, he must have some Celtic heritage or something, and that’s a doubleplus in my book.  That, and he loved The Name of the Wind, so that sealed the deal.  (There’s a review on that book from 12/20/2009.)

There’s not much left to add.  Brandon Sanderson is doing a Q&A over at Goodreads on the Fantasy Book Club about Warbreaker.  I’m currently using 443 MB (5%) of my 7409 MB Gmail space.  Reading about the atomic bomb’s effects on Japan are heartbreaking.  I didn’t even think The Blind Side looked good, but I guess since it’s a “true” story and stuff it must be?  Why’s it making so much money?  I’m so excited for Lost’s final season to start up in February.

Yeah.  That’s about it.  Maybe something else tomorrow?  Maybe, possibly, even some musing.  People say she’s crazy she got diamonds on the soles of her shoes…


Crystal said...

Do you have Paul Simon stuck in your head? If so, that's better than the Beyonce song from yesterday :)

If just watched the first episode of Firefly a couple weekends ago at a friends house. Never heard of it before until that fateful day, now I can't get away from it. I enjoyed the episode and I want to watch the rest.

Love the random stuff.

logankstewart said...

@Crystal: Indeed, Paul Simon is always better than Beyonce. I hope to watch some Firefly tonight or tomorrow.

David Wagner said...

- Awesome artist. Great idea to merge star wars with steampunk.

- She sadly got the cancer? That's not dark? You could have said "he had to pants her" or "she's a romancer" or "she had no answer"... but no! Now she's sick! What the!

- Gimme a muffin, dangit! Those look yummay!

- I'll check out that blog next. Any fan of Rothfuss is a pal o' mine!

- I read about a Japanese guy yesterday that finally died at 93... he survived both atomic bombs. He got burned by the first while visiting Hiroshima, and when he went home to Nagasaki to start the recovery process, he got hit again! Two nukes couldn't kill him... tough old nut...

logankstewart said...

@Dave: Yes, she's sick. Poor isabella poorsight...

Thanks. I'm surprised at how good my muffins turned out.

Any fan of Pat is a pal o' mine, too. Well, usually. That's basically how I've met most of my fellow bloggers.

I read that same story about the atomic bomb survivor, which was what caused me to write that. Tough guy, indeed.

Kristopher A. Denby said...

Hot dang, where do I start?

I guess I should start at the starting place. To that end, I shall begin: I found that Steampunk website also and really liked it. That guy has some brilliant ideas. We have an old fashioned candy store here in town (I think I posted about it--have to dig that up) that puts a twist on the old fashioned candy store idea. Everything inside is done up in Steampunk Victorian style. It's cool and kind of freaky at the same time.

What else, what else?

Man, I'm digging your kind of poetry. You might just be the nudge I needed to pay the style some heed. Great work. I can picture the scenes in my head, and that is pretty cool.

I watched Firefly when it first came on TV and was sad to see it go. Haven't bought it on DVD, but might some day. Serenity was pretty okay.

And last, but certainly not least, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the mention. And sincerely, thank you for reading. I enjoy coming to your blog, and it's introduced me to new bloggers I might never have found. You were right about the Celtic heritage thing. Scots-Irish-English (and possibly Welsh). And despite what most Scots-Irish think about the English, I'm just as proud of that heritage as I am of the others. There have actually been studies done that indicate that despite the influx of Saxon, Norse, and Norman invaders the DNA hasn't changed much since the neolithic. I've got a book called Saxons, Vikings and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Irelandthat I haven't read yet that's all about this. It's on my Shelferati shelf on my blog if you want to check it out!

But anyway, what gave that away? :)

logankstewart said...

@Denby: A steampunk candy store would be sweet! (hahaha)

Thanks for liking my poetry. And no problem for the mention. As a blogger, I feel obligated so spread around other blogs that I'm enjoying.

As a red-headed, freckled Stewart, with roots back to the Highlands, I feel drawn to Scot-Irish things. I knew you were by clicking on your profile and seeing your other blog, Austin Celtic News.

Kristopher A. Denby said...

Oh! I forgot that's tied to my profile! Yeah, I feel bad because I'm about to can that one, I think. I can't keep up, and I'd rather not do something if I'm not going to do it well.

One of the kilts I wear is Royal Stewart tartan! How cool is that? lol

I need to go back and find that post about that candy store. I'll get back to you.

logankstewart said...

I completely understand about canning the side project. And that's awesome about the kilt.