Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost Rehash S6.10: The Package

Jin and Keamy I wasn’t expecting another amazing episode like last week’s “Ab Aeterno,” but I was hoping for something better than what we got.  However, the Kwon’s have never been up there on my list of favorites (okay, I like Jin well enough, but Sun just gets on my nerves and then she doesn’t and then she does again…), and sadly the episode lacked any major WOW moments.  But, it’s still better than no Lost, and there were a few things that made it enjoyable.

In the Flashsideways we discover that Jin and Sun are not married, which really wasn’t much of a surprise.  They have just arrived at LAX and were flagged by customs for carrying too much money without claiming it.  Neither can speak English and the money is kept by customs.  Jin is upset, because Sun’s father sent him to deliver $25k and a watch to lovely Mr. Keamy, and when Jin doesn’t show up, Keamy comes looking for him.  But before the cocky jerk arrives, Sun and Jin spend a night together, revealing that they are romantically involved, just not married and not with Mr. Paik’s approval.

Knock Knock, My name’s Keamy, gimme my money, blah blah blah.  No one understand anything that’s being said, so Keamy sends for his friend that speaks nine languages, Mikhail (the hardest man to kill on the Island).  Sun tells the man that she has money in a private account and will get it; Keamy says okay, but he takes Jin with him to the restaurant.  He ties Jin up and reveals that he was hired by Mr. Paik to kill him because he knew about his involvement with Sun.  Jin doesn’t understand and says “thank you,” to which Keamy looks surprised/sorry. 

Sun and JackSun discovers that her father closed her account and she has no money to give to Keamy.  Mikhail takes her back to the restaurant and they find the gunned down bodies on the floor.  Keamy’s still breathing and a freed Jin sneaks up behind Mikhail and puts a gun to his head.  The two struggle, shots are fired, and ultimately Jin shoots the Russian through the eye.  He turns and finds that Sun’s been shot.  She reveals that she’s pregnant and the FS ends.

On the Island things are a bit more interesting.  unLocke heads off to try and convince Sun to join him, and while he’s gone the camp gets attacked and Jin is kidnapped.  Sun runs away from unLocke, hits her head on a tree and passes out.  Ben finds her and brings her back to the beach, but she apparently can no longer speak English, though she can understand it.  unLocke arrives back at his camp to find everyone unconscious and Jin missing.  He recruits Sayid to go on a mission to Hydra Island to get Jin back.  unLocke sees the sonar pylon fences and Widmore comes out to meet him.  They converse and we see that Widmore knows something about Jacob and the MiB.  Widmore says they don’t have Jin and unLocke leaves.  He gets back to his camp and reveals that Sayid has stayed behind to find out what was being kept secret on the submarine.

StealthySayidAt the beach, Sun still can’t speak English.  Richard and Hurley arrive, with a plan, and announce that they’re all going to go to Hydra Island to destroy the plane.  This will keep unLocke on the Island.  Sun refuses to go, and says that she came to the Island to get Jin back, not to save the world.  She marches off and later on Jack shows up, carrying a backpack.  He gives her a notebook and asks if she can still write in English, and we see that she can.  They talk and she reveals that she didn’t go with unLocke because she didn’t trust him.  Jack asks if she trusts him and she nods yes.  He then promises her that if she’ll go to Hydra Island with them then he’ll help her find Jin and get them on the plane to get off the Island.

The episode ends with the “Package” being revealed.  Again, to no ones surprise, the package turned out to be Desmond Hume.  Widmore’s goons are dragging him off to somewhere, and while they’re pulling him from the sub, Sayid and Desmond see each other.  Desmond is drugged and confused.

Thoughts and Observations

  • It seems like Jack is stepping into the role of Jacob pretty easily.  His “bedside manner” is greatly improved.  He genuinely cares about people.  He extended his hand to Sun, just like Jacob did to so many others, and she took it.
  • The character of Charles Widmore is peculiar.  He tells Jin that he wants to stop unLocke from getting off the Island to protect the world.  If the MiB is freed, everyone else will cease to be.  This just seems strange, given that Widmore did send the freighter and many people died because of that.
  • Mmmm.  I hope Claire kills Kate.  John Locke gave her permission to, so I’m sure there’ll be a struggle, but I really doubt the crazy lady can kill the criminal lady.
  • Jin got to see his baby girl.  That was sweet.  But Sun and Jin still are separated, which is just getting old.
  • Sayid telling unLocke that he couldn’t feel anything—happiness, anger, etc.—was slightly disturbing.  Is Sayid beyond redemption now?  And unLocke hinting that that was a good thing “for what’s coming.”  Sheesh.
  • Next week’s “Happily Ever After” is a Desmond episode, I believe.  Should be another excellent one.


David Wagner said...

Lost gives me gas.

Actually, everything gives me gas, never mind....

logankstewart said...

I'm inclined to agree with your second point, but about myself, especially if by everything you mean everything.

Jonathan Francis said...

Dude, you should read this about the last episode:

He points out stuff I didn't catch at all. Really interesting analysis.