Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lost Rehash S6.6: Sundown

Once again, they’ve given us an excellent episode.  Sayid has been one of my favorite Losties since the beginning, and I feel that his episodes are always ripe with emotion and character.  “Sundown” did not disappoint.

Sayid Jarrah In the Flashsideways we see that Nadia has married Sayid’s brother, Omar.  It’s obvious that he has feelings for her, and Naveen Andrews acting was exceptional here.  He still put off the “I’m a hardcore former Iraqi torturer and you don’t want to mess with me” vibe, but at the same time his remorse shown through as well.  After he was apprehended by Keamy’s thugs, the predictable happened: Sayid snapped, grabbed a gun, and took down the gang.  Once again we see just how capable Mr. Jarrah is.  Finally, he finds Jin bound in a freezer, and the Flashsideways ends.

The Island timeline offered plenty of excitement.  The fight between Dogen and Sayid was entertaining.  Then Claire showed up and told Dogen that “he” wanted to see him.  Obviously disturbed, Dogen asks Sayid to take a dagger and stab the man through the chest before he speaks, which will give Sayid a path to retribution and prove that he is really a good man.  Sayid takes the dagger and heads out of the temple.

After running into Kate, Sayid heads on into the jungle and soon hears some strange sounds.  He stops and draws the dagger, waiting for the man to appear.  unLocke appears and greets Sayid.  Sayid plunges the blade into unLocke’s chest.  unLocke looks agitated and takes the blade out, asking Sayid why he did what he did, and convincing him to join his side.  He gives Sayid a message to take to the temple.

Sayid returns to the temple and announces that the man is coming and that anyoneDogen & Sayid remaining on temple ground will be killed at sundown.  Many leave.  Sayid goes to the pool room and finds Dogen sitting near the waters, staring at his baseball.  Dogen tells Sayid his story, telling of how he met Jacob and the bargain he made with him.  Sayid suddenly jumps Dogen and drowns him in the pool, and soon after, Lennon comes in to find the drowned body.  He yells that “he [Dogen] was the only thing keeping him [Man in Black] out,” to which Sayid replies “I know.”  Sayid then slits Lennon’s throat and his body goes into the pool, too.

The Smoke Monster arrives, raining terror and destruction on everybody left within the temple.  Miles runs and hides, but soon is found by Ilana, Lapidus, Sun, and Ben.  They know a way out of the temple and Miles goes with them.  Kate, meanwhile, has fallen with Claire, who now knows that Kate raised Aaron, and has defaulted to unLocke’s side, whether she knows it or not.

Thoughts and Opinions

  • Would Sayid have killed unLocke if he hadn’t spoken first?  Though the Man in Black said only two words, they still could have worked.  Somehow I don’t think Dogen was trying to get Sayid killed here.
  • I guess the darkness within Sayid has now spread.  It makes me a little sad seeing him as a bad guy now, but man, he makes such an excellent villain.
  • Keamy was just as disgusting and loathsome in the Flashsideways as he was back when he was on the freighter.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing Jin back in action as a mafia man.  Hopefully we’ll find out why he was in LA, and maybe see some tag-team work between Sayid and Jin.  Who knows, maybe they’ll go on to start a popular television crime scene sitcom?
  • I’ve long thought that the “Catch a Falling Star” song has had some pretty dark lyrics.
  • Next week’s episode, “Dr. Linus,” claims that we’ll be dealing with Ben’s demise, but I find this hard to believe, and I certainly hope not.  Ben is too great of a character to die off so soon.  Whatever the case, though, next week should be exceptional television.


Jonathan Francis said...

I'm not so sure about Dogen wanting to kill Sayid or not. When he said you can't allow unLocke to speak, I just took at is you can't allow him to speak because he will easily persuade you to join his cause. It's certainly an interesting debate. I just think there has to be more to killing unLocke than stabbing him before he speaks. I mean, look at all he had to go through to kill Jacob. Could definitely be wrong though. Wouldn't be the first time, lol.

If your idea is right, I just have the most bizarre vision of Hurley running through the forest trying to get the dagger to someone like Jack, then he bumps into unLocke unexpectedly, freaks out and stabs him before he speaks. I've long thought that Hugo would be play a big role. How awesome would that be, lol?

I'm a little ticked at the promo for next week as well. If Ben dies, that's an incredibly huge spoiler.

logankstewart said...

Well, thinking about it, all unLocke really had to do to get Jacob killed was convince Ben to stab him. Jacob bled to death from Ben's dagger wound, so I think unLocke could die this way, too. But I do think there's more to it than this. I mean, Jacob talked to Ben, told him he had a choice before he did it. Perhaps because Sayid is infected, unLocke has some resistance to this?

Interesting stuff, nonetheless.

Yes, Ben can't die. He's just too awesome. Maybe Flashsideways Ben dies, which would still suck, just not as badly.

Jonathan Francis said...

You're right. Ben did just walk right up and stab Jacob. I guess all the difficulty just came by convincing someone to actually do it, thus taking Locke's body to convince Ben and everything that entailed.

I think it's funny that they seem to be trying so hard to convince us that MIB is good...I'm just not buying it though. I would be absolutely shocked if Jacob turned out to be the evil one.

logankstewart said...

Yeah, I don't see Jacob turning out to be evil. I like the possibility that both MiB and Jacob are one entity with separate faces, but I'm not entirely sure on this, either.

Too many exciting things to wrap up. I hope they can do it... I'm sure they can.

Amanda said...

I liked the episode as well, but it was quite different for Lost. It's sad to see Sayid as a bad guy; I hope that he turns out to be a double agent, but with Lost, I've learned the past few seasons not to be so hopeful ;)

I'm glad to see you remembered who Keamy is! Everyone I talk to says, "Who was that guy?" I could not stand him back during the freighter days, and it was so great to see him begging for his life in the Flashsideways. Though I kinda wish Sayid would have prolonged a painful death for Keamy ... but was that evil of me to say?

I'm looking very forward to Tuesday night. Just about any focusing on Ben is good, plus I snuck a peek at some promo photos for Tuesday and saw the characters we'll be seeing. I do believe it will be quite a nice episode!

logankstewart said...

@Amanda: Aye, a bit sad to see Sayid turn, but a bit awesome, too. We'll see, eh? And will Sawyer turn, too?

Keamy... yuck. I'm still mad at him for killing Alex and being altogether an unlikable guy.