Monday, March 22, 2010

A Wild Game Dinner and Another Art Discovery

This weekend I ate something I’ve never eaten before.  The church had a men’s fellowship on Saturday, where all the sportsmen (fishermen and hunters) brought in an entree of their choice made from something they killed.  For those of us that don’t hunt or fish, we could bring in a side or dessert.  Me, I brought in some sort of Oreo pudding pie thing, which was super rich, though tasty.

Food was aplenty and I had a great time.  Of course, it’s always a great time when food is involved.  Fish was fried and set out.  Green peppers and jalapenos were stuffed and available.  Casseroles and and baked potatoes.  Pheasant, which I’ve had before, was roasted to perfection.  Deer, another food I’ve eaten, was cooked as a meatloaf and as something like a porkchop.  In fact, one person had killed a deer Saturday morning and prepared it, so it was super tender and definitely the best thing I ate.  Then there was the duck.

I’ve never eaten duck before.  It was wrapped in bacon, so it had to be good, even if it had a dark red color to it.  The meat was very dark and slightly gritty, but it did taste pretty good.  It reminded me of liver, but nowhere near as bad.

Overall, I enjoyed practically everything I ate.  It was fun fellowshipping and trying a new food.  Plus, I always like the chance to eat deer.  The only bad part is that my body must not be used to the different foods or something, cause my stomach’s been bubbly ever since Saturday night.


In keeping with the art theme mentioned on Friday’s post, I’ve came across another website for the visual arts: The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA).  Whether you’re looking for a horrendous portrait of skewed proportions or an odd and surreal landscape, MOBA has it all.  So, if you’ve got some time, check out the site.  Here’s just a snippet of what you’ll find.

MOBA Mama and Babe

How beautiful is this portrait of “Mama and Babe”?  I wonder why the artist chose these certain colors, or perhaps the people really look like this?  For some reason it reminds me of Mystique from the X-Men.


Crystal said...

I've never tried duck, but i've heard it's on the greasy side. I've never had liver either. I can't bring myself to eat internal organs. Glad you enjoyed it.

logankstewart said...

Aye, 'twas a bit greasy. I've tried liver once and I think I shall never partake again.

Krista said...

I love trying new foods!! I can eat almost anything once. lol. I hate liver though, so I don't think I'd like duck. LOL! Glad you had a good time :)

Nice painting a lil' scary but cool.

I'm hoping to have a new blog post up sometime this week with a new drawing I've done, along with a signed book mention (wink, wink) lol. :)

David Wagner said...

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. I envy that in you! My money, however, would be on the duck, as far as the tummy ache culprit... not sure it's supposed to be dark red...

How could you possibly eat Bambi like that! Why, I never! Although, perhaps it was Prudence, who knows...

I can't stomach bad art... sorry... it's like bad movies and/or bad writing... some people love it... I am not one of those people... interesting link, though!

logankstewart said...

@Krista: Me too! I hate liver as well, but the duck was surprisingly... okay. :)

Just let me know and I'll throw your extra entries in.

@Dave: Aw, I love trying new foods, especially from different cultures.

In high school, we had an annual ugly art competition, and it was always a blast. Maybe that's why I like bad art now. But I love a lot of modern art...