Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Writing Wednesdays: The Absurdly Epic Tragedy of Oscambria 2.8

I have a strong feeling that this Canto will be edited out or combined with another one whenever I go back for revisions.  However, as it stands now, it’s written and it’s here.  Canto XXI, where we have an aside from the chronicler.  And if you wish to peruse through the previous cantos, click here or follow the “Oscambria” label.  And thanks for reading.


Perhaps I should take a moment to explain something,
My dear, dear, readers.
I have spent my entire life working on this tale,
Gathering information from historians and Oracles,
Traveling all across this great continent collecting stories,
Sometimes even journeying to the far corners of Orthe,
all so I could tell the most accurate tale of the Hero of the Living Worlds.

My life has been an adventure,
And my research has been trying,
But I believe that I am offering you the truest story there is.
I have searched through thousands of pages of parchment,
Reading through trivial events just for the briefest mention of the Hero
Or one of his contemporaries.
As it is, there was plenty of extraneous information, and I intend to be exhaustive.

My main purpose of this tale is threefold.
First, to put it into a collected written history,
That the legend will live on through the ages.
How sad it would be if this tale was forgotten,
Or if a child never knew the name of Oscambria.
This is my primary goal,
That the Tale of Oscambria will be remembered forever.

Secondly, and more realistically,
are my hopes of becoming filthy rich and well respected among my peers.
As I’ve stated, my life has been nothing but travels and research,
All funded by various lenders or sponsors.
Most of these require some substantial repayment,
And if my collection sells throughout Eura and the other Nations,
I should have no problems in reaping the financial reward for all my diligence.

Lastly, my goal comes from a part within me that cannot be denied,
Like a song that refuses to be silenced.
In my soul I’ve had this longing to write the story of the Hero,
As if the gods themselves require it of me.
Hopefully my life willn’t have been in vain and without purpose.
I feel like there is a need for this tale to be readily available,
And I hope you can see why by the end of the journey.

Now, enough of this aside. 
Let us turn our attention back to the main story,
To the quest of the Hero as he travels to Feoga in search of something still unknown.
He travels with Koesan and Mossossopia,
Through open fields and hardened roads,
A smile on his face and a swell of self-confidence in his spirit,
Still cursed and burdened, and the chance of true love working in his soul.


Crystal said...

I think you should keep this Canto. Maybe moving it near the beginning or end of the story would fit better.

logankstewart said...

@Crystal: Hmm. The way I see my finished product is by having several different volumes to make up the total epic. Each volume will likely begin with, or at least contain, an aside from the chronicler of the tale, but I definitely agree with you. It needs to be placed somewhere else.