Tuesday, May 04, 2010

On Beards, DeVotchKa, and Some Other Stuff

This post is best enjoyed by listening to this song and reading the rest.  It’s an amazing song that you may or mayn’t be familiar with.

What is it about a beard that’s so impressive?  When I see a guy with a man-bush growing off his face, I feel this burning desire in my soul.  This man embodies one of the most important factors of being a man: the beard.

Beards come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are amazing.  Some are weird.  Some are even disgusting.  But whatever the case may be, beards are still sweet, especially when done right.  On one hand, they exude masculinity and wicked-coolness.  On the other hand, they get in the way when you’re trying to eat and sleep.  On one hand, you don’t have to worry about shaving.  On the other hand, you gotta groom that bad boy.

But still, even with the negatives, I think I’d love to have a wild-and-unkempt beard one day.  Keisha says no, but I can dream.  Currently, at 24, I can sprout me a nice, red-orange beard-goatee thing in a relatively short period of time, but if I wanted one of those awesome beards, it’d take a while.  I could probably get to something like this, which is kind of what I had until last weekend, when I trimmed it down to almost nothing and will be gone by the cruise.

Plus, people with beards are generally more trustworthy and overall hipper than the average Joe.  It’s true.  I read it once on the internet.  You can read anything on the internet.  Truly.

So I went to the doctor’s office yesterday to get a check up and a tetanus shot.  That was my first trip to see a doctor in almost a decade, if not longer.  Turns out I’m healthy.  So healthy that they wanted to extract some of my blood and study it, because (and I’m quoting here), “you’re just freaking awesome, dude.”  Well, maybe.  I dunno.

Did you know my television’s been having problems?  It all started last Tuesday night.  We were watching The Office and eating supper.  Afterwards, I went out to the garage to play some guitar with my friend Alex; Keisha went upstairs to take a shower.  We left the tv on.  I came in a few hours later and the volume bar was frozen on the screen at 0.  No buttons worked.  Nothing.  No sound.  So I called up Best Buy, cause I got a four-year warranty.  They would be there on Friday to fix the problem.  The tv didn’t work on Wednesday or Thursday or Friday.  When they got there Friday afternoon and turned it on, it worked perfectly fine.  And it continued to work perfectly fine until yesterday, when it did the same thing.  So now Best Buy is coming tomorrow to pick it up and take it back with them and fix it.  Who knows how long it will take?  I just know that I’ll be missing tonight’s LOST in stunning HD and big-screen, and I really don’t wanna miss the series finale on May 23.  Grumble grumble grumble.

Tomorrow is my anniversary.  Three years.  Married to a beautiful, lovely lady.  We’ve argued a bit, but at the end of the day, we love each other more than words can explain.  It blows my mind that someone can find me attractive, both physically and internally.  Cause, let’s face it, I’m very weird and odd.  I mean, dang, my everyday speech is filled with song lyrics and references.  If you don’t know me well, you may be dazed and confused; heck, I confuse myself from time to time.  But still, through my peculiarities, Keisha loves me, and I love her, and I look forward to having many more anniversaries.

DeVotchKa’s been around for a long time.  I first heard them on Little Miss Sunshine, one of the greatest movies ever.  The band pretty much does most of the soundtrack, and it’s an exceptional set of tunes.  If you like your music with a little exotic flair and a mournfully expressive voice, check out DeVotchKa.  You can click here to listen to some of their stuff.  (That link goes to grooveshark.com.  It’s kind of like Pandora, but it lets the user select a song or an artist and customize a playlist, as opposed to discovering new music that Pandora does.  Plus, it’s all free.  Check it out if you wanna hear some sweet stuff.)

Yeah.  That’s about it here.  Except for the raining and the flooding and stuff, but it’s not as bad as Nashville.  And we don’t have an oil spill in Owensboro.  Nope.


Bilski said...

Take heart, Logan! For you have an Internationally acclaimed Barbeque Festival this weekend in Owensboro!

I expect a full review and a photo or two...bbq is worth that.

PS, I've missed seeing the past two episodes of LOST live, but as long as I deliberately ignore my LOST feeds and your blog I get to enjoy it spoiler-free on Hulu the next day.

logankstewart said...

Indeed, Bill. I'm going to the BBQ Fest on Friday night, where I plan to kick off my vacation with lots of unhealthy but tasty BBQ.

I'll be watching LOST still, but not in HD and not in BigScreen mode. :(

David Wagner said...

3 years? Cool! May you indeed have many, many more.

I like having a beard. It breaks up the monotony of my face, lol...

Tough luck on your TV... good thing you've got the warranty. Isn't that just the way it goes, when it starts working fine again when they come to fix it...

Interesting song. I did as you said, and read the post while the song played. But even now, the song still plays as I write the comment... you need to time your post music a bit better... just write a lot more before hitting "post"T There! Problem solved!

Carl V. said...

I'm a beard wearer myself. A van dyke is probably the more proper description of it. Other than my college years (ORU was not about the facial hair) I've always had one. Firstly, I hate shaving, secondly I still tend to break out around my mouth area if I don't have a beard so I prefer that not to happen.

Fun story: while we still lived in Tulsa and my wife worked at ORU, I grew my beard back (post graduation) and one of the chaplains used to give me a hard time because the library had all these individual paintings of the twelve disciples and the only one who had a beard was....any guesses?

Yep, that's right...Judas! :)

Ah well, I think the Lord prefers me with facial hair. ;)

logankstewart said...

@David: Thanks for the congrats and for the tv wishes. Y'know, I timed that song perfectly. I decided on a fixed WRPM (words read per minute) and created a complex algorithm to get an exact ratio of words to length of song. You just read too fast. ;)

@Carl: I, too, hate shaving, and that's the main motivation behind my choice. That story about Judas is pretty funny. Great stuff.