Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Blogger and artist Greg Peltz has created three awesome Star Wars masterpieces.  If you like the picture of the suave Boba Fett above, check out the rest of his blog.  There's some neat artwork there.

the tingling in my foot
is spreading up my leg
it has been so for nigh a fortnight now
if i dwell on it for long
it almost sends me into madness
but i may flirt for a moment
with the gentle electric shock.
the bundle of nerves and veins below
skin and muscle and fat
pulsates and throbs up,
up my leg and through my twitching eye,
out with all the slime.

Had some music practice with Alex last night.  Put to music a song I wrote that sounds okay.  I hear it one way in my head, with drums, harmonica, electric stuff, piano, and guitars, but when we play it we have only a bass and an acoustic.  Not quite how I envision it, but maybe I can figure something out.

I'm considering canceling my DirecTV account.  Neither of us really watches it enough to warrant the cost.  Unfortunately, I signed a two year contract, and I've still got 12 months to go.  Canceling early charges a $20 fee per month for each canceled month.  However, if I stay with the satellite I'll be spending around $75 per month, so in the long run I could either waste $240 or $900.  How I hate wasting money.

as it travels up the body
it lingers around the heart
the beat beat beat is a kettle drum,
burning with life and indigestion,
a wildfire in the esophagus 
with tendrils reaching into my soul.

Too much going on right now in life.  Monday night tennis league keeps my Mondays busy.  Tuesday night is practice night with Alex.  Wednesday night is church night, wherein the full praise team plays until around 9:00.  I finally get a chance to see Keisha on Thursday, but come the weekend things roll on down the hill a bit too swiftly for my liking. 

Sigh no more.

unsettling to stare off
and have one eye dancing erratically,
feet slapping at its own tune.
hard it is to choose between
the tingling feet and
the twitching eye
but my choice would matter not,
as i'm gifted with both.

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