Tuesday, June 08, 2010

sinus clouds

i imagine
little clouds
of mischief causing trouble
getting bored
growing old
swelling.  how they double
in their size
beyond normal comfort
out the nose
down the eyes
a leaking ship at port
in my skull.
o what joy
'tis gulping down the air
what a pain
to eat it up in spare
bits.  o how
i want these
sinuses to clear up,
mischief managed,
clouds disperse,
am i asking too much?

Is it obvious?  Usually these sorts of things only attack me in the early spring and fall, but this year they decided to make a return.  If I remember correctly, I missed a day of work earlier in the year because of sinus joys, but I could be wrong about that.  I know I was definitely out for the food poisoning thing for a day or two.  I still haven't managed to eat at Subway since then, and I'm quite sure that Subway is not to blame for my sickness, but still.

Behold, the glorious return of congestion and omnipresent pressure.  I can't find my danged Vick's Nasal Spray, and I really want it.  The first time I ever used it I sprayed one shot up my nose and shrieked like a little girl.  I dropped the stuff, grabbed my burning nose, and waited for the intense cooling fire-spray to die down.  Now I spray it happily, relishing in the openness of the nasal passages.  I hate it when one nostril is impenetrable and I'm trying to get comfortable so I turn one way to clear the nostril and soon the stuff all drains to the other side, causing me to turn the other way and start again.  Eventually I just lay on my back and glare angrily at the ice cold air coming down from the ceiling vents and try to keep the dogs off my face.

Playing tennis last night did clear me up a bit.  Plus, it worked out my back a bit, too, and I'm not as stiff and immobile as I was yesterday.

We've got Clint all week.  Keisha is teaching a VBS class and he's in her class.  Then, on Friday, everyone is abandoning me and heading down to Daytona Beach.  Turns out Keisha got invited to spend a week with her mom and everybody at a time-shared condo.  Yes, she just in from a cruise vacation, and not a month later she's going on another week-long break.  How awesome.  She's going to ride down there with them and fly back from Orlando to Owensboro.  The regional airport runs excellent deals, and her ticket is going to be less than $100.  (Sometimes you can even get a one-way ticket for $9.99.)


Crystal said...

I about fell out of my chair laughing when I read about your first experience with Vicks Nasal Spray. I wonder if everyone reacts that way the first time they use it? I know I did.

logankstewart said...

@Crystal: It's a truth, though, eh? That stuff is super powerful. I remember Keisha asking me if I was okay and I nodded, all embarrassed. I'm just glad it wasn't in front of a room full of people.