Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Those Awkward Times

You ever have one of those times when you get up from your desk and head to the bathroom but along the way intersect your boss who also is headed to the bathroom?

And the bathroom has only one stall and two side-by-side urinals.

And you’re not sure whether he’s going Number One or Number Two.

And you’re no longer sure whether you’re going Number One or Number Two.

And you strike up a meaningless conversation in the hall, cause bathroom conversations are just awkward.

So you finally choose one urinal and your boss chooses the stall and you both opt for Number One to prevent the dreaded side-by-side peeing.

Conversation is replaced by strange silence and the peaceful streamflow of urine.

And you both finish at the same time, which results in another logjam at the sinks, but conversation resumes.

And you make it back to your desk and struggle to understand what just happened, wondering if you both made a self-sacrifice or if you both really just had to pee.

Ever had one of those times?

Yeah, me too.


David Wagner said...

lol. Nothing to add here. Funny post...

logankstewart said...

@David: Yeah...

Brandon said...

So true...awkwardness can be a really funny thing (especially when telling about an incident after the fact). I smiled the entire time I read this post!

logankstewart said...

@Brandon: It'd be nice if we could grow used to awkwardness and replace it with normalcy, but I don't see how that's possible. Glad you liked the post.