Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Becoming a Mentor

Recently, as of this past Sunday, I became a mentor to two younger lads, one birthed in 1996 and the other in 1997.  Myself, I entered this planet in the year 1986, putting me a solid decade older than either of the two.  And now, in the aftermath of my becoming a mentor, I find myself a little hesitant and nervy.

See, I like kids and hanging out with young folk, but I never know how to act or what to do or say.  I feel like people should just be able to read my mind and know what I'm thinking, that way we can get past the introductions and awkwardness and head straight into what this whole relationship's supposed to be about: becoming friends.

Keisha did Big Brothers Big Sisters during high school and college, plus she's got a degree in education, so she has no problems when it comes to this type of thing.  I, on the other hand, don't have any practical experience, so it'll all be learning for me.  Still, despite my fears and nervousness, I am looking forward to befriending the guys and growing together.

The same is somewhat true with the prospect of having children.  I didn't have my "real" dad growing up, and his absence has definitely shaped me in many ways.  My step-father also is responsible for my outlook on many things in this world and for how I view things, but really neither of these set the ideal example of fatherhood.  I admit, I'm more than a little nervous knowing that someday, likely within the next year or two, I'm going to become a father.  I don't want to screw my kids up, and I don't want to let them down.  At the same time I know that I'm only human (for the most part) and thus completely fallible.  I know I'll let them down.  I know I'll let myself down, but I still want to be the best dad I can be.

That coincides with becoming a mentor.  I don't want to let down these guys.  I want to be there for them, someone who is considered a strong friend in their life.  I want to have fun and help them when they have questions or concerns.  I want my love for Christ to shine through me in such a way that they see how important He is to me. 

I'm not sure what the future holds or how these relationships will turn out.  Ideally I'll be able to meet with them for an hour or so each week or two and we'll just hang out and talk or play video games or play some music or tennis or disc golf or whatever.  I have no doubt that I'll learn from them, and I can only hope that maybe I'll be able to show them a thing or two, too.

So wish me luck as I enter into these two new relationships. 

Random Bits & Pieces
  • I've been playing a lot of tennis recently.  My body feels like a blog of goo, but I'm happy with that.  Serve has been very strong and mostly accurate, while forehand has been sucking it up.
  • Keisha's Pampered Chef business is going very well.
  • I'm slowly editing my short story "The Bombing of Morrta," as well as working on a few other things as well, one of which I think may develop into a novel and the other is still in the "this is fun, let's tell this story" phase.
  • A friend let me borrow the entire series of Cowboy Bebop, which so far has been awesome.  Expect a full review whenever I finish.
  • I'll be reviewing Pat Rothfuss' latest not-for-children children's book The Princess and Mr. Whiffle soon-ish.
  • Making headway on The Great Hunt, the second book in The Wheel of Time series, plus I'm also thoroughly enjoying the Hellboy graphic novels and The Warded Man.  Lot's of books in the mix.  I got a Bible to review for Tyndale, too. 


Crystal said...

I'm sure you'll make a great mentor! Don't stress about it too much, just be yourself and you'll do fine.

Yay for tennis!
Yay for Pampered Chef!
Yay for short stories!
Yay for reviews!

Stephanie Fey said...

Good luck, Logan. You'll find it gets easier, especially as you figure out what works and what doesn't work for both of you. You may not have the rolemodels, but maybe you have the idea in your head of what kind of father you'd have liked to have. If so, become that. And if you don't, dream one up and let that be your guide. Keep us posted on how it progresses. Love to Keisha.

Steph :)

logankstewart said...

@Crystal: Thanks, Crystal. I can only hope. Yay for yay's sakes.

@Steph: Thank you much for your kind words. Indeed, I shall keep the blog posted as it goes.